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Alumni talk – Aaieza Charania, tells her stories.

  • 13 July 2022


What impact did your time at Oakridge Bachupally School have on you? 

I’ve been with Oakridge for 9 years, and over that time, Oakridge has had a significant influence on my present accomplishments. Oakridge enabled me to challenge myself and it helped me grow as a person. I have learned so many things, from personal relationships to developing a relationship with my education. I have made a great number of mistakes, but I’ve realized I was just evolving into the young adult I am today.


What were the highlights of your time at Oakridge Bachupally School? 

Along with academics, Oakridge has prioritized extracurricular activities, which have enhanced my experience at the school. The cultural events at Oakridge were the highlights of my time there. These events not only boosted my confidence but also fostered greater learning and a sense of camaraderie.


What are you doing now, and what are your career goals? Any notable achievements at your university?  

I am currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Management at The University of Texas at Dallas. I aspire to become someone with a more sophisticated vision of the change I want to make in the world. The first thing I want to do is gain business experience since that is how I will comprehend things.


What advice would you give to current Oakridge Bachupally School students as they’re looking ahead to college and careers? 

I would advise the current students to begin looking at colleges as soon as possible to see what they have to offer. Begin the key components of your applications as soon as they are released so that you are not hurried shortly before they are due. You may always seek advice from your teachers and career counselors, as well as visit university fairs since this is what helped me the most in making the right decision.

What would you tell a parent considering sending their child to study at Oakridge Bachupally School?  

Oakridge offered me several opportunities that helped shape who I am today. It provides the ideal learning environment for each student.



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