Principal Letter – January’23

  • 9 January 2023

All the memories, events, and achievements during the year 2022 run through our minds as a flashback, bringing a smile to our faces. A matter of pride!!! We could overcome the pangs of the pandemic, embrace the situation so warmly, fashion the hearts of the young ones and boost their morale to keep up their spirits in such challenging times. ‘December’ – the month of color, festivity, and music brought in a new aura in our school.

Oakridge – Bachupally bags the top school awards

Oakridge International School, Bachupally ranks amongst India’s top 500 Schools in the School Excellence awards, 2022-23 for their committed efforts towards grooming young learners. The school also bags IKA-2022-Hyderabad awards for excellence in imparting Holistic Education.


The day, the mathematician, Mr. Srinivasa Ramanujan was born, December 22 is celebrated as ‘Math Day’ across the country. It was a week-long celebration where students outperformed and surpassed all expectations and made us proud. It includes working models, board games, quizzes, a math art gallery, Game zones, Math dances, Rubics Cube, and a treasure hunt. Children also came up with an innovative idea to enlighten everyone with the number sense of different civilizations.

Sharing the joy of love and happiness in a Box

“It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving” -Mother Teresa.

Christmas is a time to be joyful, give and receive, laugh, and spend time with friends and family. At Oakridge International School Bachupally, we truly celebrated Christmas in the spirit of the season, making it a holiday to remember.

It was an opportunity for all students and staff to come together and give back to the community by bringing a smile to someone else’s face. Students engaged in the JOY of Giving week by donating 380 books to a nearby government school in Patancheru. The smiles and happiness on the students’ faces were indeed a fulfilling experience. Continuing our efforts towards spreading Quality education our Oakridgers visited the Aaashri society orphanage and engaged the students with reading and writing sessions. Little Goodie bags with surprises cheered up the boys.

Oakridge Affinity clubs hosted their annual Christmas Bake sale with over 20 stalls of baked goods, games, and sweet treats. The Clubs raised a plentitude amount to empower local school students with educational needs and make a long-lasting impact on the community.

Shine bright

We have conducted Talent Fest – Inter-House Competition from 16-19 Dec across the school for grades EY – 12 where students highlighted their creativity and best talents through dance, drama, singing, music, and visual arts. Fest provided character‐building lessons during tryouts, practice, and performance.

The much-awaited TEDx event unfolded on the 7th of January 2023. It was a student-led event. A time of phenomenal exchange of thoughts and ideas and placing these in unfamiliar situations. TEDx is devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. In tandem with the spirit of it, TEDxOakridgeBachupally presented a great many insights, tantalizing testimonies, riveting rib slammers, and transformative tales. The ebullient speakers of the day were

Divi Vadthya – Radiating charm, she sashays across the Indian Film industry with elegance and struts across the runway with scads of modeling and movie experience. Ms. Vadthya, our beauty with brains, is an avid reader. She is prominently known for being a contestant in the famous reality show Big Boss 4(Telugu).

Naaz Joshi – India’s first-ever transgender international beauty pageant winner, a trans rights activist, and a motivational speaker. A victor of 7 international beauty crowns and the first ever transgender cover model. With her path-breaking tale of grit and defiance, she has ignited our hearts and minds.

Rohan Poduri – Rohan is a DP2 student and intends to pursue Economics in the future. He is enthusiastic about his work, soccer, and drumming. He was elated about the opportunity and created a memorable experience for us all.

Akshith Garapati – A 15-year-old DP1 student with an interest in a few too many things at once. As a martial arts learner and an intense debater, he shared his story of persevering excellence.

Adarsh Mangipudi – A 14-year-old IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) student from Oakridge. He has a burning passion for sports and music. As an avid globe trotter, his experiences are way beyond his age.

The wonderful landscape of TEDxOakridgeBachupally was dotted by phenomenal events starting from mellifluous dances, captivating insights, endearing expressions, electric band performances, and reviving workshops -Ripple Revival led by our prodigious art faculty.

Test of time

Academics have been the priority in OISB and always will be. As we enter the New Year, it is time for our students and us to gear up for the Board Examinations. The faculty is all set with planning for the completion of the syllabus and rigorous revision to enhance the learning and apply it in various situations. CBSE students of grades 10 and 12 are gearing up for the board exams in February, Cambridge IGCSE students are preparing for the upcoming Hindi exam of the March series and other subjects in the June series. And the first batch of IBDP students are preparing for their DP exams in May.

Partnership ahead

The aim of Oakridge International School, Bachupally is always to establish a personal set of values by learning experiences that relate to young people’s lives in school, home, and the outside world to help create a more peaceful and sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Thank you for taking part in the annual parent survey. As partners in the education of your child, your opinion will help us understand how satisfied you are with the educational services and holistic development we provide.

We are pleased to inform you that admissions for the academic year 2023-24 for the parent referral category are now open. The referral link will be available from January 16th to January 31st. Please take this opportunity and refer to your friends and family to be a part of a global family. Also, we will shortly be rolling out a re-enrolment form for our existing students and request parents to fill out the details expressing interest in being with us.

“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.” – Rita Mae Brown

We live in a multilingual world, where connections are now more important than ever. The world is becoming increasingly globalized and knowing another language can always give us an unfair advantage. Learning a language gives us an insight into other cultures helping us to become open-minded, sensitive, caring, and compassionate.

What we offer at Oakridge is a blend of Indian and Foreign languages for our young minds to go and conquer the world. Besides English, our learners choose a language from Hindi, French, Spanish, and Telugu from their primitive years to make their comprehension and linguistic levels at ease. Students take up these languages in the form of 2nd and 3rd Language depending on the number of years being acquainted with the language.

In a recent order, the Telangana government has made it mandatory to have Telugu across curricula and other Board affiliated schools from grades 1 to 8. To ensure we have a well-balanced and progressive language curriculum across all grade levels, please find below the amendment we made to the language learning program for AY23-24.



Grade level  

2nd Language offered (Optional)  

Mandatory Language  


French, Spanish, Hindi  


Gr 1 – 5  

French,Spanish, Hindi  

Telugu (Mandatory)  

Gr 6 – 8  

French, Spanish, Hindi  

Telugu (Mandatory)  

Gr 9 – 10 CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education)  

French, Spanish, Hindi  


Gr 9 – 10 CBSE   

French, Spanish, Hindi, Telugu  


Gr 11-12 IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme)  

French, Spanish, Hindi (Ab initio & Language B)  



Kindly note that French, Spanish, and Hindi will not be offered in 3rd language for Gr 3 & 4 and CBSE Gr 6 – 8. Also, change of languages may not be encouraged at different grade levels as it disrupts the learning outcomes that need to be achieved across the key stages. We will ensure a smooth transition for all our students as they transit through these changes.

Going forward, we will also ensure that our students’ progression in all the L-S-R-W (listening, speaking, reading, writing) skills are closely monitored, and our young learners enjoy the world of linguistics with better understanding and outcomes.

The season of harvest is here, and it is that time of the year when we wish to convey our gratitude to mother nature for bestowing us with abundance and good produce. On this occasion, the school observes a week-long vacation from 9th January 2023 till 16 January 2023.



Baljeet Oberoi


Oakridge International School, Bachupally