Raja Chandra 
Class of 2020
Georgia Institute of Technology 

  • 21 December 2021

Currently, Raja Chandra is pursuing his second year under graduation at Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) majoring in Physics and a minor in Aero Space Engineering. He aspires to be a researcher, an astronaut and plan to start an outer space exploration Company.

“Having spent over six of my formative years at Oakridge, it has given me the right grounding and appropriate mental and physical competencies. Over these years, Oakridge has opened to me immense opportunities for extra-curricular activities, that helped me with admissions into the above premier global institutions. I always felt that my teachers gave me the freedom to explore beyond formal learning and beyond schooling. They have inculcated in me the Right Values, Right Aptitude and Right Habits that I believe will strengthen me to make a lasting impact.”

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