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Did you know IBDP is a gateway to the Top Universities of the World?

  • 13 April 2022

Are you a curious person? Do you explore to learn new things? Are you a critical thinker? Do you like solving problems? Have you got a leadership mindset? Do you serve your community?

Why are we asking these questions?

Well, these are some of the important skills that one must have to stand a good chance of getting admission into any of the top universities in the world.

In today’s time, an enquiring mind, and the ability to understand and solve bigger issues are necessary. Getting good grades is just a small cog in a large wheel. Therefore, developing these skills early is important not just for university placement but also for your future career success. International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Curriculum provides a perfect launchpad for top-world university placements.

Why IBDP is the most sought-after curriculum in senior grades?

The IB (International Baccalaureate) education system or the pattern of the syllabus is more aligned with the overseas universities’ system. Thus, once the student graduates from IB, they find it easier to transition and adjust to the education system in world’s top universities and hence they are highly preferred by these universities as well.

Let us understand the IB education system.

An IB education system is a problem-solving-centered curriculum, where children learn through real-world experiences. This future-ready programme builds students’ inquiring mindset, fosters their desire to learn, and prepares them to excel in their careers and lead meaningful lives.

TOK Talks at Oakridge, one of the best International Schools in India

IB has six subject groups and the DP core, comprises the theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, activity, service (CAS), and the extended essay, which contribute to the holistic development of the students. IB students get an opportunity to reflect on the nature of knowledge, complete independent research, and undertake projects that often involve community service.

How do students get opportunities for holistic development in IBDP?

IB students get a practical approach to their learning. For example, if two plus two equals four, the IB students explore, why is it four, how to implement this learning in the real world, where it can be used, what is the purpose, and what is the end result of it. With its application-based system, they learn how to look at a problem and create a solution. In other words, they think practically, inquire about things around them, then apply their inquiry to the real world,” said Maneesha Gorti, Career Counselor.

Celebrating Christmas at Sparsh Hospice – Center for Palliative Care

CAS activities bring in the inter-woven approach to practicality, in which students complete a project related to creativity, activity, and service. The project challenges students to show initiative, demonstrate perseverance and develop skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, and decision making. This apart, it also enables IB students to enhance their overall skill development such as Interpersonal Skills, Communication skills, Analytical skills, Reasoning skills, and Research skills by learning through experience.

Oakridge creates not only an intellectually stimulating space where your mind can expand but also empowers you with resources to explore your creative side. I pursue Kathak dance form and even drive my passion for community service. Being part of multiple community service initiatives at the school, I helped raise funds for cancer patients, teach at underprivileged schools, spread awareness about voting, and more,” said Kuhuk, an Oakridge Alumni.

Why IBDP is the gateway to top Universities?

The ten IB learner profiles that the curriculum comes with, aim at developing internationally minded people who understand the human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success, which include being Reflective, Open-minded, Risk-takers, Caring, Balanced, Principled, Knowledgeable, Inquirers, Communicators, and thinkers. As a result, these students help to create a better and more peaceful world. Therefore, IBDP enjoys a prominent level of respect and recognition among the world’s IVY League institutions.

On the other hand, students who have taken IB Curriculum, get the recognition they earned and receive the best preparation for top-world university studies and life beyond. They receive advanced standing, course credit, scholarships, and other admissions-related benefits at many universities.

IBDP students at Oakridge are offered a host of global exposure programs like Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, Leadership Programs, Oxford Summer Courses, TEDx, MUNs, etc. Such programs help develop leadership quality in students and an understanding of challenges and opportunities in the global economy. These are the qualities that a top-world university looks for in a student during admissions,” said Shaila Bhamidipati, Principal at Oakridge Visakhapatnam.

IB to Ivy – the Oakridge Alumni success

Oakridge students who took the IBDP programme are in top universities today. Be it Amita Gondi, who got into Harvard, Kuhuk Shroff who got into University of Pennsylvania, Nikhil Jain who studied at Columbia University, Maanav Khaitan at the University of Berkeley, and many more.

Recently, IBDP student Prakeerthi from Oakridge Visakhapatnam, one of the top IB Schools in Visakhapatnam bagged a seat at Stanford for the Class of 2026. “The right guidance from the start has helped me reach the height I am today,” says Ms. Prakeerthi.

Prakeerthi bags a seat at Stanford

The IB Diploma Program, with its rigorous and cavernous courses, prepares us for college and, more importantly, for the real world. Despite the immense rigor of the program, the IBDP facilitators at Oakridge made sure to guide us to success, in and outside the classroom. I’ll be forever grateful for the support and assistance from the coordinators, teachers, and career counselors throughout the challenging, but rewarding program,” said Ansh, a student from grade 12 IBDP, Oakridge Gachibowli.

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