Class of 2015
University of Pennsylvania

  • 13 November 2020

University of Pennsylvania, University College London, University of York, King’s College London – these are among the world’s top universities, and institutions that have great appeal. No wonder it inspires awe in many students. While getting admissions into one of these universities is absolutely challenging, I feel humbled and honoured to be pursued by all these universities. 

I am currently studying at University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School, Philadelphia. I was one of 25 students, pursuing a dual degree in The Roy and Diana Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management (B.sc in Economics, BA in Biology. I was recently offered a job in Management Consulting at Deloitte Strategy and Operations in New York. When I think back, I feel like the all-round skills that I have acquired during my schooling plays a pivotal role in who I have become.

 My journey with Oakridge started when I was just 3 years old – bright eyed, curious and timid. I was the second child to be enrolled in the school so I grew up with Oakridge and it grew up with me. Now being at the brink of graduating from a prestigious college, I can reflect on my journey and honestly say that Oakridge has catalyzed my transition from a reticent young girl to a confident woman who is ready to make a difference in the real world.  

I was good at my academic front, but the secret to my success is that, other than academics, I have strived to prove myself as ‘the best’ beyond the classroom. I dabbled into a plethora of extra-curricular activities and even explored research paper on the topic of 2008-2009 Great Recession, where I won the “Best Research Paper” in the IGCSE’s business week. To make the most of summer opportunities, I used to participate in selective summer programs – Yale’s Entreprenuership, NUS’s (National University of Singapore) Science Camp, etc. so that I expand my horizons to different opportunities. 

Talking about leadership skills, I believe that skills—soft and hard—can be acquired with exposure to various activities. I volunteered a total of 10 MUNs including Harvard MUN & Ecole MUN as Secretariat as well as took the role of coach to JMUN students and won multiple ‘Best Delegate Awards’. The roles and responsibilities of a student council representative was crucial in building my overall confidence as a strong woman and I still actively take part in the alumni board of my school.  

Oakridge creates not only an intellectually stimulating space where your mind can expand but also empowers you with resources to explore your creative side. I pursue Kathak dance form, and even drive my passion for community service. Being part of multiple community service initiatives at the school, I helped raise funds for cancer patients, teach at underprivileged schools, spread awareness about voting, and more. 

After realizing the potential of being a holistic individual, I am currently working on connecting international students with students at prestigious colleges like Penn, Columbia, Cornell etc through my YouTube Channel called “The College Collab”.