Class of 2015
Columbia University, New York

  • 13 November 2020

Is getting great grades in school good enough to make it to the Top-World Universities? Well, in an ever-changing world, what students do beyond the classroom is as important as what they do in the classroom. Because the top-world universities hunt for talents who are not only academically sound but also possess multifaceted skills & a well-rounded personality needed to compete in today’s world.  

I am currently pursuing Architecture Degree at the prestigious Columbia University, New York, and am a great enthusiast of learning. He is not only an IBDP topper (45/45 score) but is also a Harvard MUN Delegate, a TEDx Speaker, Head Boy and an avid artist. I was titled ‘World Topper’ with a perfect 45 by achieving the highest possible IB score with a 7 in all the subjects. I have even gven a TedTalk on ‘What I learned as an LGBT activist’ and was listed among the top-15 inspiring Ted Talks on Polka Cafe. But beyond my academic achievements, I am also a passionate artist, where I view art as a medium to investigate the roles we play as wanderers in an ever expanding universe. I’ve had an exhibition titled ‘Infinite Journey’ featured at the Kalakriti Art Gallery.

I never knew I would have such an ardent interest in the visual arts. But through different competitions and opportunities that I had and the encouragement from the teacher, it’s all so simple to look at the whole process as an independent pursuit of my own goals and ambitions. The different opportunities I had at Oakridge, helped me explore different aspects of my interested areas and exercise the ability I wanted to do. 

So when Universities look at candidates, they don’t generally look for students with only academic results but also a holistic and sound profile of various interests. At Oakridge, the true motive of education is not just to make the students excel in academics and be reactive to the dynamics of aspiring and ambitious world, but to instil the true love of lifelong learning in them.