Perfect Imperfections | TEDxOakridgeIntlSchoolBachupally

  • 31 January 2022

Students from Oakridge International School Bachupally organized TEDxOakridgeIntlSchoolBachupally, an independently organised TED event recently. This student -led event observed empowering talks on this year’s theme, “Perfect Imperfections”. A sold-out event with 100 attendees this year, the event witnessed mind opening and new possibilities forming. The students and audience had novel experience and great interactions with outstanding speakers ranging from Deepti Ravula (CEO of WeHub), Ms Faria Abdullah (Actress and Artist) to students of Oakridge Bachupally, Ms. Ishvi, Ms. Simran, Mr. Shanyu and Ms. Niva.

Keeping this year’s theme in mind the event conducted several culturally based activities on perfect imperfections like music and dance by students, workshops like pottery, designed to exhibit the ideas of materialization of something beautiful, a pot from something quite imperfect.


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