Ms. Josephine Philip

  • 8 February 2021

Meet Ms. Josephine Philip, a very caring, compassionate and a dedicated teacher from Early Years. With a motto of ‘no child should be left behind’ she is always open to new ideas and always ready to take up new challenges. Very tech-savvy from a strong technical background, Ms. Josephine has been with Oakridge for 4 years now and her students just love her.

She is self-motivated and incorporates innovative methods of teaching in her class which makes it very engaging and effective even at the virtual platform. Parents of her students have also been very vocal in expressing their appreciation for her efforts and enthusiasm that continues with virtual class sessions.

‘When my first grader told me, ‘Maam please don’t log out, let me see your face for a little while” , that’s exactly the moment when I decided that I will be doing this for the rest of my life’. Teaching early years, charged my caring and compassionate nature. Working in a school which shares almost the same thought as mine, which is “NO CHILD SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND” has always been a great encouragement. Thank You doesn’t adequately express my gratitude I have towards this organization for the kind of experience I have gained in these past four years. Our leadership always loved, supportive and fully accessible. After we logged off , a student sent a voice note which said,”Ma’am, you treat me like an adult . Can you teach me till college?” – High praise from a 6 year old.