Monica Kondepudi

  • 9 February 2021

I am fortunate to have been working with Oakridge International School, Gachibowli for about 5 years and making a positive impact on my students while forming a bond and creating a safe, encouraging, cheerful and productive learning environment. My passion for teaching continues to grow each day when I see the learners becoming lifelong learners.  

While learning engagements in my classroom are fun filled, they also impart the knowledge, important concepts and skills like cooperation, responsibility etc. Compassion and sensitivity to the students gives them the confidence to speak out their thoughts which I feel strongly is directly related to their cognitive, social and emotional development, thus, ensuring an overall development. 

I have grown professionally and enhanced my knowledge in teaching and learning practices while developing appropriate skills through various professional development sessions in this school. I have been given constant support with a variety of resources be it technical or other  means and the expertise to effectively challenge and support the students’ learning through  collaborative meetings with educators. This is further evident by the fact that we have been continuing to engage our learners effectively without skipping a beat using various tools virtually, during these trying times due to the pandemic.  

The school is also committed to the wellbeing of the teachers as well as students, be it emotional or in any other aspect. Teachers and students are duly recognized and appreciated. I am gratified to work here under the strong leadership and a shared vision