When young leaders debate and compete to prove their points right

When young leaders debate and compete to prove their points right


Debating skill is a good indicator of leadership. It helps to think outside the box, and to be prepared to use logic to handle different situations because that’s what we do. To debate, participants must analyse complex issues of ethics, law, politics, science and more. Debating helps in developing public speaking skills as it improves the ability to stand up and speak in front of an audience. Oakridge, being India’s top International School aims to empower the young students.

High School students of Visakhapatnam engaged in a very thought provoking debating session at VUDA Children’s Arena. Students and faculty who are part of the OAK Debate Society – Oakridge International School in Visakhapatnam for the first time in the City conducted ‘SPEAK OUT’, a debate competition in lines with the World School Debating Championship format.

India’s best boarding school

Ms. Shravani Buddiraju, the Secretary of the OAK Debate Society mentioned that every year the school will conduct this Inter-School Competition. She went on to state that Visakhapatnam should represent debating events representing India in future and the society would work towards that dream.

The topics debated were all related to schooling and issues faced by students. There were topics ranging from School Uniforms, Examinations and Homework to be abolished to mobile phones to be made mandatory in schools. There are 3 rounds of debate – Elimination (single speaker represents each school and it filters schools in the knock out round), followed by the qualified teams for Semi-finals and Finals.

Students spoke with confidence and were very spontaneous in their rebuttal sessions. It was indeed a war of words, with audience swaying to and fro in their popular opinion about the topics debated.

The school Principal Mr. Biju Baby stated that this initiative to host SPEAK OUT was to start a debating culture in the city. Debating improves student ability to reason out issues of importance in their lives”. The Debate was chaired by Ms. Harshita Lalchand and the judges were Dr. Cynthia Davidson, Ms. Sheila Jackson and Ms. Sangita Sehgall. Ms. Ragini Peri was the timer for the event. All the officials at the event were prominent personalities in their respective field and were not associated with the school.

oakridgers at speak out debate competition

In both categories, Navy Children’s School were the winners and Oakridge International School (Newton Campus), Hyderabad was declared the runners-up. A total of 12 schools includes Hyderabad, Bangalore and Visakhapatnam campuses attended this Inter-school debating competition. A dedicated vote of thanks by Ms. Lydia Christina, Headmistress of Oakridge Visakhapatnam, one of the best boarding schools in India has concluded the Speak –Out 2018 and with memorable group photograph session.

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