Oakridge hosts a thrilling winter camp for developing future leaders

Oakridge hosts a thrilling winter camp for developing future leaders

Cultivating the next generation of leaders is something Oakridge strongly believes in. Keeping young explorers engaged and productive this winter with a three-day-long camp, Oakridge, one of the best CBSE schools in Visakhapatnam concludes its 2nd edition of Leadership Winter Camp this year in its Tagarapuvalasa campus.

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This winter adventure program has been a memorable experience for 220 students of various age groups participated from more than 15 different schools across Visakhapatnam and nearby cities. During this three-day camp, participants got an opportunity to engage themselves in some of the most amazing adventurous cum leadership activities such as Rappelling, Hot Air Balloon, Water Zorbing, Combat activities and many more. The stay in the tents and the combat activities not only added to the adventure but made students ready to accept and win challenges.

Oakridge winter camp

“Oakridge’s 2nd Leadership Winter Camp was the most wonderful experience for all kids, as a platform for developing their leadership skills, which help them for future decision making,” said Biju Baby, Principal of Oakridge Visakhapatnam Campus. Exploring the challenging world through this amazing leadership winter camp, participants developed various skills especially taking control of their own physical attributes. With a diverse range of benefits, the camp helped students shape into independent decision makers, and boosted their confidence hence they can deal with any difficult situations in real-world challenges further.

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