Charcoholism – Revolutionizing alcohol intake effects

Charcoholism – Revolutionizing alcohol intake effects

As per a study: 

  • Total volume of alcohol consumed globally per year has risen by 70% since 1990 and 38% between 2010 and 2017 in India. 
  • The estimates by the researchers suggest that by 2030, half of all adults will drink alcohol, and almost a quarter (23%) will binge drink at least once a month! 

Alcohol is a major risk factor for disease, and is causally linked to over 200 diseases, in particular non-communicable diseases and injuries. Coming across these alarming stats, the young generation have taken it up on themselves to make bring about the change that they can—in a tasty, healthy, and effective way! 

“It all started when we joined The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) program in October, 2018 with 40-50 people, which was an entrepreneurship course. Here, various entrepreneurs came in and spoke of their views and taught them about various facades of entrepreneurship”, recollects Sathvik Sai Kaza, 16, a student at Oakridge International School, Gachibowli. From ideation to execution, the last task in the course was to develop a business idea with the group they were segregated into. Sathvik Sai Kaza and Anusai Dasari of Oakridge International School ended up being in the same group, along with three other students of different schools. Of the many ideas they brainstormed on, the one that struck the chord with them was called ‘Charcoholism— THE Chips’, where ‘THE’ stands for Tasty, Healthy and Effective.

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About THE Chips 

The group baked some chips with activated charcoal infused into them, in different flavours. Activated charcoal can absorb materials quick, so having THE Chips while intaking alcohol helps in absorbing the toxins present in alcohol and hence reduces the ill-effects of alcohol. THE Chips also helps in averting the hangover incurred in the morning as well as reduces the potential risks while you’re leaving the bar after. Because of the detoxification properties present in THE Chips, this product can be consumed and approached to a wider set of consumers—both alcohol consumers and as well as the ones who do not.  

They presented this idea at TiE Hyderabad in January and won the competition. Taking it to the global level, they further presented this idea at the global stage of TiE in MIT Boston in June and won the Best Execution Award! 

 Best IB School in Hyderabad

Future of THE Chips 

“We’ve got this product provisionally patented and we do intend to take this idea further and develop it further. We have people and 4-5 restaurants across the town who are already ready to work with us because our product is really great. We do intend to speak to retailers and move further with its distribution after our product is further developed and can be sold in two main areas of sale—restaurants or bars and packaged chips sold in super marts”, explains Sathvik. 


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