An Oakridger’s reflection on reducing single-use plastic

An Oakridger’s reflection on reducing single-use plastic

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan

With Prime minister Modi declaring 2 Oct as the ban of single-use plastic, Replace Plastic Ideathon was organized wherein corporates, startups, NGOs and students were invited to come up with ideas to replace plastic. Looking for this opportunity, Devki Veerareddy and Sanjna Kavuru of Grade 11 IBDP took part.

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Sharing their reflection, they said, “A well-known problem in this world we all are aware of is the dangers of plastic on marine life and the land itself. This event accurately captured the problems and gave answers to these problems. Several mega-industry construction giants who wanted to hear our ideas and help us understand that no idea is too small mentored us and helped us refine our ideas to make it more financially and scientifically possible.”

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Further, they added, “This event hosted in the name of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, has invoked all the different teams to think, refine and execute through making connections. We both presented our ideas and connected ourselves with other groups alike NGOs, student groups and companies in order to see if our ideas were similar and if we could merge our ideas and create an idea where it could benefit a greater audience. Many organic advertising companies approached us and told us that our idea was great and if we needed any help they were willing to advertise.”

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“Another school, Chirec, also approached us as their idea was also very similar to our idea and we spoke about how both of our schools could reduce the single-use plastic and we still are in touch exchanging ideas and methods. We were awarded certificates to hold us up for the ideas that we came up with but that was not the important part, we learned more than we could ever about plastic and also ended up educating which was a new challenge from the perspective of students. To conclude the final result of this event was not only to educate but also get us thinking by listening to the other extremely innovative ideas.”




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