Navya Kukreja, Class of 2022 Vellore Institute of Technology

  • 26 March 2023

I, Navya Kukreja, am excited to share my journey as a former student of Oakridge International School Bachupally.  Reflecting on my time at Oakridge Bachupally School, the most significant impact it had on me was the development of my people skills. I remember being a socially introverted person during my freshman year, but now I find myself networking with ease on a regular basis.

If I had to pick one highlight from my time at Oakridge, it would undoubtedly be the TEDxOakridgeIntlSchoolBachupally event in 2022. The experience of working as a team to bring such a significant event to life taught me crucial life lessons that I would do all over again if given the chance. Currently, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at VIT, Vellore. My ultimate goal is to become a Physicist, and I plan on earning a doctorate in the next few years.

To the current Oakridge Bachupally School students, I would advise them to focus on developing a valuable skill and make it a habit. For juniors, proficiency in at least one coding language is imperative, especially if they plan on pursuing a career closely linked with STEM. Take on coding projects to get better at it, and do not rely solely on school assessments to judge your proficiency.

For parents considering Oakridge Bachupally School for their child, I would suggest making sure their child is making the most of every opportunity provided, but not being too pushy. The purpose of learning is to keep the fire of curiosity burning, and forcing a child to learn defeats that purpose.


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