Principal Desk Update : September 2023

  • 11 September 2023

As September unfolds its colorful tapestry, it marks the world with the promise of new beginnings. Just like the initial stroke on an empty canvas, this month presents fresh opportunities, encouraging us to welcome change wholeheartedly. In the inspiring words of Helen Keller, ‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.’ So, as we celebrate Teacher’s Day, let us step into September with hope and confidence, poised to craft our own unique masterpiece.  

  • Our school recently hosted TEDx Alchemy: Ignite the fire within, a transformative event exploring innovation, creativity, and personal growth. Distinguished speakers Madhu Shalini, an actor-model, Dr. Vimalakar Reddy, a renowned Surgical Gastroenterologist, and Ray Nathan, an insightful entrepreneur, graced the stage. They shared profound insights on alchemy, detailing how this ancient concept has shaped their lives. Notably, our student speakers, Isha Matta, Mukti Bhatia, and Ashray Mathai, showcased their transformative journeys, leaving an indelible mark of inspiration on the audience, igniting a passion for self-discovery and growth. 
  • Throughout August, our hallowed halls hosted the prestigious IC3 conference, where over seventy global career counselors convened. This August gathering reaffirmed our unwavering commitment to guiding our students towards impactful life journeys while expanding our global reach and connections. 
  • Independence Week brought vibrant patriotism to our school, fostering unity in diversity. Our Cambridge Primary students’ impressive “Speak to Lead” performance showcased their passion, enhancing our educational excellence and celebrating India’s rich history. 
  • Our young ones, venturing onto the stage with their parents, radiated pure joy. In cute costumes, they sang rhymes, fostering vital skills—communication, imagination, creativity, and public speaking—an environment blending compassion with creativity. 
  • PYP learners celebrated Book Lovers Day by sharing books, engaging in buddy reading, storytelling, and character camouflage activities, where they created their favorite book characters.  
  • The Oakridge Affinity Club’s Investiture Ceremony ignites student leadership, fostering creativity, and growth across diverse domains, from debates to robotics, kindling passion and agency for a dynamic year ahead.   
  • Our CAS events – Forging Compassionate Leaders serving as crucibles of holistic growth, sculpted our students into socially responsible and enlightened individuals.  
  • Early Years students initiated “Each One Teach One,” enhancing support staff’s language skills, reflecting empathy and knowledge pursuit. Their efforts foster mutual respect, enriching and connecting our school community. 
  • “Jashn-e-Zaiqa: Savour the Flavours of India” brought together CBSE Grade 6-12 students in a delightful culinary exploration of India’s diverse cuisine, celebrating unity in diversity while promoting social responsibility.  
  • The Affinity SDG Club, a collaboration between Nord Anglia and UNICEF, dedicates itself to tackling global challenges and realizing UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through inventive projects and teamwork, we strive for enduring community change. 
  • Earth’s Steward: Tiara’s Eco Crusade – Tiara Ghosh, a compassionate fourth grader, initiated the “Honour Earth!” Campaign by planting 300 saplings near Pragati Nagar lake with a local NGO. She also distributed reusable bags featuring SDG goals during a charity fashion show and took part in a plogging drive, advocating for mindful living and environmental sustainability. Her efforts exemplify how small actions can create significant change. 

Essential points from my end: 

  • We are delighted to introduce Ms. Shalini Singhal as our new Head of CBSE. With over a decade of experience as a grade level coordinator, Ms. Singhal brings exceptional leadership skills and a wealth of knowledge to our school community. Her official email ID is We would also like to acknowledge Ms. Navneet, who has moved on from her role. We appreciate her contributions and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. With Ms. Singhal at the helm, we look forward to an exciting and enriching academic journey for our students.  
  • Maintaining discipline is paramount at our school. Our code of conduct stresses the importance of proper uniform and responsible care for school property, thereby fostering a respectful and conducive learning environment. Attendance in school is mandatory unless there arises an emergency or inevitable reasons to stay back home. We expect a 95% attendance for every student. Having said that, health check-ups are in progress for all the students in the school. 
  • G-4 assessments were held for Grade 6 and Grade 10 students. G-4 assessments offer an opportunity for students to develop essential skills beyond academic knowledge. These assessments encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication—skills that are invaluable in real-world scenarios and future academic pursuits.  
  • Term assessments are in full swing, with students actively engaged in demonstrating their learning and progress. We wish them the best of luck as their academic journey continues to roll forward with determination and commitment. 

As September begins to unveil its splendid banner on the horizon, we extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering companionship on this educational voyage. Let’s empower students with unity and curiosity, urging them to be architects of their destinies. Grateful for your companionship, we embrace Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words: “Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” On Ganesh Chaturthi, let’s celebrate tradition and choose inclusivity, weaving unity from diversity.