Student-led TEDx event explores the power of ‘Ripples’

  • 20 January 2023

Bachupally, Telangana – Students leaders at Oakridge International School, Bachupally organized a TEDx event on the theme of “Ripples” on 7th January 2023. The theme was chosen to highlight that even small actions’ impact on creating positive change. With over 100+ attendees, the event featured a line-up of dynamic speakers sharing their life experiences and insights on the theme of “Ripples”, including Actor Divi Vadthya and trans rights activist & motivational speaker Naaz Joshi, as well as the students of Oakridge Bachupally, Mr. Rohan Poduri, Mr. Akshith Garapati, and Mr. Adarsh Mangipudi.

The event explored the idea that small actions can have a big impact and inspired attendees to consider the power of their own actions in creating positive change in their communities and the world. Ms. Divi Vadthya, Big Boss 4 contestant and actor (“Maharshi”, “Godfather” and “Ginna”), said, “This rock (scrambled tissue) symbolizes the gigantic decision that I had taken. This created massive ripples in my life – to become an actor. When I made the decision to become an actor, I knew there would be extreme effects on me as a person – both positive and negative effects. All I had to do was make the positive dominate the negatives.”

“I was born a boy who shall not be named, I was loved and pampered by everyone till the age of 7,” excerpt from the speech of Naaz Joshi, a trans rights activist & motivational speaker who spoke about her journey and how a childhood event of molestation has put her through a roller coaster of experience through which she found herself and went on to become the three-time champion of the “Miss World Diversity Pageant” and India’s first-ever transgender international beauty queen.

Addressing the event, Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, Principal at Oakridge Bachupally, shared an account of her childhood memory while emphasizing the importance of empathy and tranquillity. Speaking on the impact of small actions on the world, the principal shared her thoughts on non-toxic positivity and the significance of listening to the concerns of others. Referencing a quote by Mother Teresa, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples,” the speech ended with a room full of applause.

“From watching TED Talks as a child to now organizing this event, is something I take utmost pride in. I learnt how some simple changes can have an everlasting impact on life and wish to reverberate the same through the event, ” said Vaishnavi Namdar, event organizer.

“When our consistent focus is on leading a passionate and meaningful life, we inadvertently create striking ripples of inspiration in the lives around us”, said Ms. Swarna Diana, TEDx Co-organiser. She further added, “With ripples as the theme for TEDxOakridgeBachupally 2023, my idea is to spur every son and daughter to ‘Be a ripple’.”

The event featured an array of cultural activities, from band performances to workshops on painting & Dance performances focused on the theme of ripples. All the activities at the TEDxOakridgeBachupally event underlined the Ripple Effect and how we can harness the power of small actions to create positive change. The student speakers, Mr. Akshith Garapati and Mr. Adarsh Mangipudi took the stage to share their rewarding experiences, which transformed them and shaped their respective identities.

“How can I be myself, when I see a stranger in the mirror” said Mr. Rohan Poduri, a DP2 student speaking on how he found his form of self-expression and went on a journey of self-discovery. “The reflection of myself I saw in this distorted pool of emotions and changed had become just a little bit clearer, this idea of ripples has exposed me to several negative situations. It was these same experiences that made the image of ME clearer one bit at a time.”

“Marvels happen when you get a fresh set of eyes on a problem at hand. It ensures that the pebbles you throw have ripples that are truly infinite in effect”, says Mr. Akshith, IBDP 1 at Oakridge Bachupally.

“Never underestimate big effect of small things because even those small things can create huge ripples”, said Adarsh Mangipudi, a 14-year-old from Oakridge Bachupally with a burning passion for sports and athletics.

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