Oakridge Bachupally’s TEDx Event Explores the Alchemy of Ideas

  • 7 September 2023

The Oakridge Bachupally TEDx event showcased inspiring stories and innovative ideas around the theme of Alchemy, a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. Distinguished speakers, including Ray Nathan, Dr. Vimalakar Reddy, and Madhu Shalini, provided profound insights through engaging talks and personal anecdotes.

Notable venture capitalist Ray Nathan spoke about his vision for the positive impact of processed food. Dr Vimalakar, a surgical gastroenterologist, and the youngest fellow at the American Institute of Surgery shared his inspiring story through his personal narratives, stating, ‘Alchemy begins within ourselves, as we turn our dreams into reality through hard work and resilience.’

Alchemy is the art of continuous self-transformation, where our actions define our progress,” says Madhu Shalini, an actress and model who explored the concept of alchemy as an ongoing process of self-improvement, challenging conventional notions of success.

Student Speaker Isha Matta defied age-related stereotypes and emphasized the importance of prioritizing values and interests stating, ‘Our true strength lies in how we rise after every fall. That’s the essence of alchemy.’

Principal Ms. Baljeet Oberoi highlighted “the transformative power of resilience embodied by Oakridge’s student community.”

Mr. Christopher Short, Nord Anglia Education India MD, “emphasized mentorship and education as catalysts for personal alchemy.”

The day continued with inspiring performances, concluding with a sense of accomplishment and a call to embrace transformation in life. This event reaffirmed Oakridge International School Bachupally’s commitment to nurturing innovation, inspiring leadership, and promoting a culture of transformation.