Oakridge Bachupally is now an IBDP Candidate School

Oakridge Bachupally is now an IBDP Candidate School

  • 21 June 2021

IBDP is a comprehensive and challenging pre-university program that covers a wide range of academic subjects and exposes students to unique learning opportunities that helps in developing skills needed for tomorrow’s world. Oakridge International School, Bachupally has successfully received its IB Diploma authorization and will be commencing the course from June’21.

To be IB authorized, the school undergoes a series of assessments including ensuring the IB mission statement aligns with the school’s own philosophy and if the school members are eligible to execute the diploma program as per the IB standards. The authorization also includes a physical visit to assess if the facilities, resources, technology, and financial resources are adequate enough to implement the programme.

Speaking on this landmark achievement, Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, Principal at Oakridge Bachupally said, “What world needs now is knowledgeable, well-acquainted, and responsible individuals who can make a positive impact in the society around us. IB Diploma program is designed to nurture our young, dynamic global citizens who care for the society with their intelligence and compassion”.

IBDP graduates are widely preferred and welcomed by the world’s leading universities owing to their well-rounded personalities, global understanding, interpersonal skills, and preparedness for university rigor. In a recent study done, where researchers explored the university enrollment and achievement of DP and other A level students in the UK. Results showed that IBDP students were significantly more likely than their A level peers to attend a top twenty university in the UK and to receive a first-class honors degree.

Personally, my interests lie in economics and business management and my goal is to gain admittance at The London School of economics and further pursue a degree in MBA Finance. I strongly believe IB Diploma is the best option to achieve my goal. it is indeed challenging but definitely worthwhile”-Aditi Ratakonda, a student from Oakridge Bachupally.

Written by Preeti Sahu – Shaping Brands and Inspiring Connections

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