Celebrating the spirit of learning

Celebrating the spirit of learning

  • 19 June 2021

It was a great experience to inaugurate the library in Oakridge School. The library is set up as reader-friendly. Unlike the usual practice, the books are on open shelves and so are inviting (in contrast to if they were inclosed shelves). More importantly, the range of books is amazing. I was delighted to find the first book that I authored The Double life of Ramalinga Raju Which is now being shot as a film” Mr.Kingshuk Nag.

Oakridge International School, Bachupally celebrates the spirit of learning and education with the opening of the Learning Resource Center on 12th February 2021. This scholastic delightful project was inaugurated by the author- Mr.Kingshuk Nag, Chairman of education Mr.Shomie Das and Indian liberal politician Mr. JP Narayana who addressed the students virtually.

With the Learning Resource Center, Oakridge aims to bring the world of education and literature to the students and furnish their learning experience with advancing technology as well as developing resourceful surrounding that nurtures the intellect of our students has been our main motivation that has helped this project come to fruition.

The Learning Resource Center offers facilities like:

  • More than 7,000 books
  • Latest edition of encyclopedias and books
  • Diversified study material and educational resources
  • Access to digital data and surfing

“Since the very first sight of the State-of-Art Learning Resource Center project, I was keen to provide a boundless education system and a space that will assist our aspiring students. This new library now offers the students a growth-enhancing opportunity and self-development environment.” – Baljeet Oberoi, Principal.

“For me, the learning resource centre is more than a library. It’s a place where people can grow while they learn, a place where children can fester in the ocean of knowledge surrounding them – a place where one can truly be themselves.”- Srivas, Head boy.


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