Actor Geetha Bhascker Enriches Oakridge Bachupally’s Summer Learning Program 2023

  • 24 May 2023

Summer is a special season, offering parents and children abundant opportunities to nurture growth and create cherished memories. It is during this time that summer camps have emerged as pivotal avenues for fostering personal and intellectual enrichment. At Oakridge Bachupally, we deeply understand the transformative power of summer experiences. This year, the second Summer Learning Program was recently concluded, where 50+ students aged 3-13 embarked on a remarkable journey of empowerment, preparing themselves for future challenges and discoveries.

Geetha Bhascker, a renowned visual arts teacher with over 38 years of experience, graced the closing ceremony of Summer Learning Program 2023 as a special guest. Geetha Bhascker’s own journey of raising her son to become a renowned film director, despite numerous hardships, serves as an inspiring testament to the power of enrolling children in diverse activities. Her presence added a unique dimension to the program, providing valuable insights and inspiring young students to pursue their own creative endeavors.

Geetha Bhascker emphasizes the importance of providing children with the freedom and activities that ignite their creative spirit. She believes that nurturing creativity is vital for children to unlock their full potential. According to Geetha Bhascker, “When we give kids the space to explore various creative outlets, we provide them with the opportunity to discover their true passions and talents. Summer camps like Oakridge Bachupally’s Summer Learning Program create an environment where children can freely express themselves, opening doors to new possibilities and igniting their creative spirits.”

Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, Principal of Oakridge Bachupally, reflects on the extraordinary journey of learning and growth in the Summer Learning Program 2023, stating, “The diverse range of activities and engaging workshops provided our students with an exceptional platform to explore their interests and develop essential skills. From robotics and creative arts to sports and team-building exercises, every moment was filled with opportunities for intellectual and personal development.”

Reflecting on this year’s Summer Learning Program, Ms. Padmaja Ambaty, Program Coordinator, highlights the unforgettable star gazing experience as the standout moment. She shares, “Summer Learning Program 2023 was truly extraordinary, and the star gazing activity became the most memorable night of the camp. Setting up telescopes and witnessing live views of planets such as Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars created an exuberant experience for all of us. The children were so enthralled by the night sky that they approached me, asking if they could extend their stay for more night camps. It was a magical and cherished moment for everyone involved.”

“The kids enjoyed thrilling and fun activities like Zipline, Rappelling, Tyrolean Traverse, Vine Traverse, Tree Climbing with Jumar, Water Crossing, Tent pitching, Burma Bridge, and night camping. In this fun-filled environment, the students acquired essential life skills that enable them to perform outside their comfort zone, overcome fear, develop self-confidence, and proactively explore any field,” says Anand Kumar Sadhanapalli, one of the youngest Mt. Everest Climbers and Senior Instructor at the Rock Climbing School.

The Summer Learning Program at Oakridge Bachupally has garnered heartfelt gratitude from the parents of the participants. They express their deep appreciation for the program’s comprehensive and transformative approach to education. “We are thoroughly impressed with Oakridge Bachupally’s Summer Learning Program. It provided our children with a truly enriching experience, expanding their horizons and nurturing their passion for learning. We deeply appreciate the school’s unwavering commitment to preparing students for the challenges of the future,” says Teresa, a proud parent of a student.

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