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Celebrating Diversity by Shaming Discrimination : Oakridge Bachupally

  • 6 December 2023

Aequitas, a dynamic student-led initiative is committed to fostering the values of equality, diversity and inclusion on and off Oakridge, Bachupally. In its inaugural two months of September and October, Aequitas has seen tremendous engagement during its programs, empowering learners with a stronger understanding of what it means to be just and equitable by successfully hosting it’s Program 1 – Celebrating Diversity By Shaming Discrimination. 

  • Activity 1 | The Chronicle Quest

Learners were given the option to write stories or create comic strips or collages with an overarching theme of core values – equality, diversity and/or inclusion by chief-writers and editors. This freedom of expression inspired a myriad of vibrant, creative pieces from grades six to tenth. It was exhilarating to see the different ways in which the learners interpreted the prompts and the different directions in which their tales turned, each piece a uniquely crafted message of EDI. Narrative writing gives learners the power to transport their readers into various worlds of their making, encouraging them to not only reflect on their experiences but to put themselves in the shoes of those with different backgrounds and outlooks on life.

This hands-on approach to a greater understanding of such an important aspect helped them understand firsthand the value of inclusion through equality. 

  • Activity 2 | Non-teaching staff activity

In its second activity, Aequitas shone the spotlight on the unsung heroes of Oakridge. The non-teaching and support staff are instrumental to the success of the school, through their tireless efforts and dedication and it’s utmost important to appreciate them for making school life a hygienic, interactive and safe one. The initiative believes in the importance of amplifying every voice and offering a platform for all to share their stories.

Sharing experiences accrued over their time at Oakridge inspired a sense of community among the non-teaching staff and bridged the disconnect between student and staff. The outreach and communications team interviewed the staff members and asked them about their happy moments at Oakridge Bachupally, their background and many more interactive ones.

  • Activity 3 | Vent Corner

A healthy relationship with one’s emotions is paramount to their success academically and personally. Aequitas is a strong advocate for prioritizing mental health in a school environment and establishing emotional outlets for learners. Vent corners are “emotional safe spaces” for students with anything on their minds, the interactive “share a thought, leave a thought” system allows students to share their musings without incurring any unpleasant feelings face-to-face interaction may bring.

The installer Vent corners built a stronger community within the school and allowed students to act as a support system for one another, helping them understand that speaking out about their health, while it may seem daunting, is incredibly important and offers them a safe space to do so and this very corner aims to erase as well as normalize all our insecurities together. 

Overall, Aequitas believes in striving for further change and embracing social impact through student-led motives. We aim to further enhance our goals and include every individual through our second Program – Immerse to Embrace EDI through student-led impact in the following weeks.