Principal Letter – February’23

  • 7 February 2023


New Year, New Goals, New dreams, and of course, New Newsletter  

As hope smiles on the threshold of the new year 2023, may it bring us all an abundance of fortune and success. I extend to you all the warmest wishes for the New Year.  

Life’s not about expecting, hoping, and wishing. It is about doing, being, and becoming resilient in overcoming the unexpected. Let us enter this new year with gratitude for this unique chance to create our dreams.  

January is a testimony to various activities aimed at helping our students learn interactively. Our students were engaged in academic excellence and social impact events and exhibited significant initiative during the visit of Mr. Chris, CEO of Nord Angelia.  




The year began with our 4th edition of TEDx – independently organized TEDx OakridgeIntlSchool Bachupally. The event was student-led and mirrored an array of inspiring talks by our dynamic speakers who shared their life experiences and insights on theme of “Ripples.” The speakers included Actor Divi Vadthya, trans rights activist and motivational speaker Naaz Joshi, and the students of Oakridge Bachupally, Mr. Rohan, Mr. Akshith, and Mr. Adarsh.  

Rekindling the promise of humanity in our hearts – make all discrimination powerless. 

The Festival of Colors, Kites, and Tradition. The little Oaks celebrated Sankranti by making Rangoli, flying kites, and participating in many fun games. Our Cambridge Primary Oakridgers also hailed the new beginning of Makar Sankranti by dressing up in traditional attire and depicting the celebration of the harvest festival in diverse cultures. 

Republic Day – The Republic Day celebrations at Oakridge observed a range of cultural performances that resonate with the republic day theme of celebrating the nation’s pride and unity. In her address, our principal, Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, emphasized the importance of resilience in cultivating a progressive mindset. 

Vigyaan Spectrum 

CBSE senior-grade students held an exciting scientific show titled “Vigyaan Spectrum,” which showcased over 30 innovative ideas and functioning models created by the students.  The chief guest, the Managing Director of Nord Anglia Education-India, Mr. Christopher Short, officially launched the show and praised the students’ understanding and dedication to science and technology.  

Creativity is contagious – pass it on. 

In our Early Years segment, we introduced the Oak Affinity Club to develop a sense of unity and teamwork amongst our young learners. Students showcased their skills in clubs like Think-o-meter, MAD (Music, Art, and Dance) (Music, Art, and Dance), STEAM, and Tiny Talks, among others.   

We care – We share – We come together to create a better world 

Nutrify The Needful 

CBSE senior-grade students participated in the SEWA initiative and visited local government hospitals to provide healthy and nutritious meals to patients and their families. Our team, “NUTRIFY THE NEEDFUL,” is dedicated to serving our community and working towards achieving SDG-2, Zero Hunger.  

Government School Sports Day 

As an initiative to host Sports Day for the ZPHS Mallampet government school children, the IB (International Baccalaureate) DP (Diploma Programme) students furnished the students with sports shoes and facilitated them with a truly professional and memorable experience in the school field. 

Narrative essay 

Our 8th-grade CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) students had the chance to work with IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) students on improving their narrative writing skills. It is always exciting when our students can explore the blank canvas of writing and let their imaginations run wild. The session’s goal was to help the students `incorporate nuanced techniques to keep the audience engaged. 

University Placements 

We are at that juncture of the year where the students are all geared up to receive offers from the prestigious universities they have all applied to. The labor they have put in will finally fructify in the next few months, and we are all looking forward to some impressive offers pouring in.  

Appreciating and felicitating student agency in CAIE and CBSE 

Our CBSE grade 11 students were also recognized and awarded certificates during the Academic Excellence Awards under the Special Mention Category for their outstanding contributions to the “Nutrify the Needful” initiative. The CAIE students launched the “Clean Oakridge Campaign” for Grades 6-10, intending to raise awareness as an initiative in line with SDG-3, Good Health, and Well-Being.  

On January 21st, as part of an assessment, 8th-grade students from CBSE were mentored by IBDP students in a session aimed at helping them incorporate nuanced techniques to excel in their assessment.  

CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service) (Creativity, Activity, and Service) Global Collaboration Project 

6 countries have brought the students together to work on projects related to Business, Culinary, Mental well-being, etc. This infuses an entrepreneurial mindset amongst the students respecting and embracing cultural diversity and going beyond geographical boundaries. NAU (Nord Anglia University) plans to have more countries participating yearly. 



Academics have been the priority in OISB and always will be. As we enter the New Year, it is time for our students and us to gear up for the Board Examinations. The faculty is all set with planning for completing the syllabus and rigorous revision to enhance the learning and apply it in various situations. CBSE students in grades 10 and 12 are gearing up for the board exams in February. Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) students are preparing for the upcoming Hindi exam of the March series and other subjects in the June series. And the first batch of IBDP students is preparing for their DP exams in May. 

PYP (Primary Years Programme) Exhibition 

Students of the grade 5 primary year program are all set to showcase their learnings in the upcoming exhibition scheduled on 25 Feb. PYP exhibition is a culmination of the primary year program where the students select the real-life issue and conduct an inquiry process that will reflect the understanding of primary year program.  

EY Musical Extravaganza 

The early years segment organizes “The Musical Extravaganza: Tales of Wonderland” on 11th Feb 2022. The event will showcase the talents of our junior students through a musical production filled with music, dance, and drama. Our young performers will bring to life the classic tale of “Pinocchio.” 

Global Perspectives and Science Fest 

The CAIE segment is organizing the GP and Science Fest on the 25th of February, 2023. It is an opportunity for the students to unleash their potential and prove how innovative they can be when an opportunity strikes. A time to give wings to thoughts and leave the audience awestruck.  

IBDP Group 4 Presentation 

IBDP 1 Students are gearing up for their Group 4 presentation on 28 February 2023. The group 4 project is an interdisciplinary activity in which students from the different group 4 subjects, the experimental sciences, work together to analyze a common scientific topic or problem. 

The group 4 project allows students to appreciate science and technology’s environmental, social, and ethical implications. It also allows them to understand the limitations of scientific study. The emphasis is on interdisciplinary cooperation, International mindedness, and the processes involved in the scientific investigation rather than the products of such investigation. 


At this juncture, the year set off with an assortment of events at the campus that kept everyone creatively engaged. Let us shine the spotlight on them. I would also like to convey my special thanks to all the parents and students for entrusting and supporting us with referrals. The parent-school partnership is something I firmly endorse, and it is my aim that, together, we can provide the best educational experience for all our students. I look forward to the challenges and achievements we will share and build our children as responsible, innovative, reflective, and confident to make this world a better place to live.