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June 2024

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Welcome Back to School!

Dear Parents

I am delighted to present this month’s newsletter, celebrating outstanding achievements in the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Checkpoint examinations. I am thrilled to announce that our students have achieved a remarkable 100% pass rate. Across English Language, Science, and Mathematics, our students excelled in all four assessment strands, surpassing international averages. Notably, five of our students achieved perfect scores in various subjects, demonstrating their dedication and the strong support from our teachers and parents. Congratulations to everyone!

June at Oakridge was marked by a diverse range of activities that provided our students with a rejuvenating start to the academic year. We began with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme evaluation cycle. For DP schools, this self-study process occurs every five years after authorization as an IB World School. We also celebrated Father’s Day with enthusiasm and embraced wellness and creativity through International Yoga & Music Day.

I am pleased to share that three of our secondary students represented Oakridge Visakhapatnam at the NAE UNICEF Summit hosted at one of our Nord Anglia Schools, BIS Houston. They engaged with global leaders, participated in workshops, and contributed ideas on implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in local communities.

I extend my gratitude to the parents of Grades 6-8 for your active participation in our recent parent panel discussion on raising adolescents. Your support is invaluable as we navigate this crucial phase in our students’ lives. The Secondary Parent Orientation Program provided essential insights into our curriculum, extracurricular activities, and support systems. Thank you to all parents who attended and contributed to our ongoing efforts to enhance the student experience.

We are also proud of our students’ achievements in sports and community service, which continue to inspire us all. These successes highlight the diverse talents within our Oakridge community. As we embark on another academic year together, let us uphold our values of curiosity, resilience, and compassion.

Warm regards

Ms. Shaila Bhamidipati 


Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam

Empower Tomorrow: United for Change at the NAE UNICEF Student Summit in Houston!

Our student ambassadors have completed their enriching 6-day workshop at the NAE UNICEF Student Summit in Houston. Throughout this transformative experience, they delved into leadership, child rights, sustainable energy, and community impact. Their journey culminated in innovative capstone projects aimed at catalyzing positive change within their communities, aligning with their commitment to achieve the SDGs locally.

Top Highlights



Cambridge Primary CheckPoint Results

Our Cambridge Primary  students have exceeded expectations! Congratulations to our school toppers, Saarvik , Aashish and Tharan.  Their exceptional scores reflect our rigorous academic standards and dedicated teaching. We are proud of their achievements!

International Yoga & Music Day

The celebration of International Day of Yoga and Music is an annual event that brings together students, teachers, and staff in joyous participation. This year’s event was highlighted by the presence and involvement of Dr. Nimali Thakshila Whithanage, who educated our students on the importance of yoga for achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The day was further enlivened with sing-along sessions and a live orchestra, making it a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Events &




Father’s Day Celebrations

Father’s Day transcends mere calendar dates; it is a heartfelt homage to the extraordinary men who enrich our lives with love, guidance, and steadfast support. As we commemorated this occasion, students expressed appreciation and affection for all fathers. They recognized their sacrifices and steadfast commitment through heartfelt gestures such as crafting greeting cards and sharing messages of gratitude.

First day at School

We’re delighted to see our children’s bright grins and lively laughter on our campus again after the summer break. The principal and teachers extended a warm welcome to all grade students. The first day of school was thrilling because they made new friends, shared their summer experiences, participated in exciting, fun activities, and began the new academic year with excitement.



Know Your Curriculum: Empowering Parents in Their Child’s Learning Journey

KYC explored various components of our Cambridge EY curriculum. Parents gained insights into our interactive teaching methodologies, including group activities and most importantly, the individualized attention we provide, tailored to each child’s unique learning style. The session concluded with an interactive discourse where parents had the opportunity to ask questions, share feedback, and discuss any concerns they had regarding their child’s education.


Exploring Respiratory Health: Grade 5B’s Lung Model Project

Grade 5B students delved into the intricacies of the respiratory system by creating their own lung model. This hands-on activity not only sparked creativity but also deepened their understanding of how our bodies breathe.





Cambridge Lower Secondary CheckPoint Results

We’re delighted to announce that Oakridge students have exceeded international averages in the checkpoint examination. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our school toppers Raghav, Pujitha and Siddharth. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Spin A Yarn Competition!

Step into the enchanting world of storytelling through cosplay! Imagination knew no bounds and creativity took the center stage as our primary students transformed into beloved characters from fairy tales and folklore. Each students brought their character to life not only through intricate costumes but also through the magic of captivating storytelling.


Code Quest: Unleashing Creativity and Logic in the Classroom

Primary students participated in a coding challenge from Global Campus, where they implemented various instructions based on dice rolls. This activity introduced them to data sorting processes carried out by processors and the efficiency of executing instructions. They engaged in analysing the inner workings of computers, focusing on the pace of instruction execution and the processes involved.

Global Campus




Embrace learning: where knowledge meets action

In addition to hands-on learning experiences, students were observed engaging in projects that involved constructing items from the ground up. This initiative bolstered children’s confidence in their capacity to handle emergencies effectively. It gave them valuable insights into addressing challenges encountered by communities at risk from disasters.

Parent Panel Discussion on ‘Raising Adolescents’

Adolescence is often regarded as the most essential period in one’s formative years. Embracing this theme, OISV hosted an engaging panel discussion titled ‘Raising Adolescents.’ This conversation was enlightening and exciting, with parent panelists sharing insightful ideas on how parents can better understand teenagers and collaborate to support their healthy growth. 



“Safety First”: A Child Safeguarding Session

At Oakridge, the safety and security of children are paramount. In line with this commitment, a special session was arranged featuring Ms. Bindu Madhavi, Safeguarding Team Lead, as our guest speaker. She conducted an interactive session on child safeguarding for our Primary students, emphasizing the importance of staying safe. 

Secondary Parent Orientation Program

Parent Orientation Program for Grades 6-8 (CBSE & Cambridge) was organized to welcome parents and provide them with essential information for the new academic year. The event began with an address by the Principal, Ms. Shaila Bhamidipati, and Ms. Deepthi Tata, Head of Secondary, who highlighted key initiatives and programs. Following this, the Cambridge curriculum was introduced by the Curriculum Coordinator, Ms. Sheela Baddireddi, and the CBSE curriculum was outlined by Ms. Madhuri Gupta, our CBSE Coordinator. 

School Activities


Building Bridges: Embracing Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Together

Grade 5 students were part of an assembly which focused on on equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging (EDIB). EDIB plays a crucial role in shaping school environments into inclusive spaces where every student feels valued and respected. The aim of our assembly was to educate students about the importance of embracing diversity, understanding different perspectives and feeling the belongingness of each other. 



‘Say No to Plastic & Save Ocean’

Early year students underscored the significance of ocean conservation through an enigmatic play. They emphasized the crucial role oceans play in supporting life, stressing the importance of minimizing plastic waste, safeguarding marine species, and actively supporting conservation initiatives to preserve these essential ecosystems for generations to come.

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See you again in the next month with new stories and updates!

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