Oakridge Visakhapatnam Newsletter

July 2022

From The

Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

Hope you are doing well!!

I am delighted to share this month’s updates by celebrating the recently declared IBDP, CBSE Grade 12 and CBSE Grade 10 results. Our Students have proved themselves again, exceeding all expectations by scoring wonderful results. Many congratulations to all our students, teachers and parents for these brilliant results.

This month at Oakridge is more about achievements and recognitions. We had our Annual Prize Day, Inter House Visual Arts and Drama competitions. We celebrated our youngsters’ achievements in NAE-Visual Arts Competitions along with our graceful dancers achievements at the 33rd All India Dance Festival. 

The success of Yashitha Ramapujari and Jazz Williams in getting selected as the rapporteurs and Nidhi Sanapala as student journalist at the NAE UNICEF Global summit filled our hearts and souls with exhilaration. We are proud to see them in the leading positions at the summit.

I thank every parent for attending our Pre Primary grades Coffee Evening that were conducted in the past weeks. It was wonderful to interact with you all and your suggestions and feedback was a great value to us. Let us together continue to create beautiful moments for our children, no matter what the challenges.  

Many more activities for the accomplishment month of July are awaiting your read. I invite you all to go through them and thank you all for being such an involved part of it.

Best Wishes and Warm Regards,

Ms.Shaila Bhamidipati


Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam

Annual Prize Day!

“Excellence is never an accident it is the result of high intention sincere effort, and the vision to see intelligent direction, skillful execution obstacles as opportunities.”

We are thrilled to share the glimpses of our Annual Prize Day of adorable Oakridgers who have excelled to be Toppers of AY 21-22.

We are proud of them and wish them best for more successful years ahead!






Inter House Visual Arts Competition

Art is not what you see, it is what others make you see

Our students are challenged to get imaginative in art media of their choice for inter house Visual Arts competition on the theme “Wildlife.”

They say the Universe is made up of Stories..

It was wonderful to look at our Tiny Tots dress up as their favourite character and narrate stories.

In fact, storytelling plays a critical part in a child’s overall development. Whether it be a  moral story or any other form, storytelling offers several advantages to children.

When children themselves are the one to narrate a story it has more impact on them. It develops their creativity and boosts their confidence. It makes them imagine being in the place of the story’s characters which develops their empathy as they try to comprehend their actions.


Inter House Drama Competition

Art in any form is always motivating and brings out creativity in a child.

To look at our students performing flawlessly on themes like Child Labour, Patriotism, Technology and its impact  was a visual treat to witness.

Outstanding results of our first IBDP Batch


It’s a proud moment for us as our first batch of IBDP students shine bright with outstanding results.

Excellent individual achievements include top scorer and head girl Prakeerthi K., who achieved a score of 41/45 and will begin her exciting journey at Stanford University.

Other school graduates who are toppers include Roshni V., who will attend the prestigious Purdue University, and Ishita V., who will attend the University of Debrecen Medical School in Hungary.




Phenomenal results in CBSE Grade 10 and 12 Exams

It’s a moment of pride as our students of Grade 10 & 12 have once again raised the bar and achieved outstanding results in the CBSE Exams 2022.  The school has secured a 100% pass percentage which is considerably above the CBSE Grade 12 national average of 92.71 %. About 14% of students scored 90% and above in their exam, whereas the CBSE Grade 10 national average is 11.32%.

The toppers of 12th and 10th are Aarnav Sahu and Nidhi Sanapala who secured (480/500). Other school toppers from Grade 12 include Hemanth M (476/500) who is all set to begin his exciting journey at Kings College, London. Sashank Yadav (472/500) and Chintala Sejal (463/500) were the other top scorers in Grade 10.

Eat Well.. Live Well..


A healthy outside starts from the healthy inside.

Nutrition for children helps them establish a foundation for healthy eating habits . A healthy diet throughout life promotes healthy outcomes, supports normal growth and development in the child.

Our grade 3 students turned into chefs as they learn about the importance of nutritious food and made paneer salad for their friends and teachers.


At School


Peer to Peer Learning

Peer-to-peer learning  has been an integral part of a student’s learning journey in the educational set up. The dynamic learning experience offered by peer-to-peer interactions is an integral element in fostering better academic performances.

Our IBDP 2 students shared their knowledge about the SCHEMA theory and its application. This practise helps students understand the concept better and becomes a source of encouragement which motivates them to push boundaries and take up challenges.

Change your habits. Stop using plastic.


IBDP  students in accordance with the GVMC initiative Say No To Plastic took a step ahead in environment conservation by making a dustbin out of used plastic bottles. By doing so our young environment activists contribute to increasing the resilience of ecosystems and help minimize climate change effects.




Meet &



Orientation Session

It is understood that student learning is a tripartite partnership between the student, teacher and parent. An interactive Parent Orientation session was conducted by the IBDP teachers where they helped DP2 Parents to understand the roadmap ahead and how best they could support their children in their future endeavors.

National Level Dance Competition


Oakridgers have participated in 33rd All India Dance festival –Natyaravali- National Level Dance Competition and bagged the following prizes amongst a total of 350 participants.

  • Group Dance – Juniors – 1st place
  • Group Dance – Sub- Juniors – Jury Award
  • Solo Dance – Seniors – 1st, 2nd, Consolation and Chairman’s Award

We congratulate all the winners.

You made us Proud!




See you again in the next month with new stories and updates!