Preparing your child to excel

At Oakridge Internnational School, Gachibowli we want to ensure personal success for every child. Our curriculum lets each child learn in a way that suits them – so your child will reach their utmost potential.

We offer a personalised approach in which teachers plan each lesson around what your child already knows, assess how much they are learning, and adapt to what they need. Your child will learn to love learning under the guidance of the highest-quality educators. Our teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject areas, and seek to inspire all our students to succeed.



Targets and



At Oakridge International School, all children are assessed so that our teachers can determine the best way for them to develop in the future. Each child will have individual targets to work towards, so that every student can create their own success story.

Oakridge’s ethos promotes maximum academic, social, spiritual and physical development and raises an aesthetic awareness. We want to enable all students to grow into individuals who are capable of living in and contributing to the world around them.

Developing the

Whole Child


Social Skills

and Values


Our approach will help your child to become confident in themselves, and learn to display integrity by valuing openness, trust, negotiation, fairness, honesty and respect for all people.