Virtual school activities for all ages

Virtual school activities for all ages

Our Children are examples of perfectionism who have adapted themselves to the new version of learning and experiencing classes online Virtual School Experience 2.0.

The shift into the virtual classrooms was a culmination of excitement, enthusiasm, curiosity, and a capability of giving it their best.

The online virtual classes were a fun filled flurry chaos, where our students were excited to interact with their peers and teachers. The classes embarked with the teachers in discussion with the students, and conducted a range of planned exciting activities which our students thoroughly enjoyed.

The air was full of enthusiasm given the fact that they had to now learn virtually using digitalised apps like Thinglink, Jam Board Socrative, etc. Our students have proved that they are intuitive learners who can equally learn and perform in live action versus the online classes or the recorded lectures.

These were quite reassuring to the faculty members in this challenging situation. These experiences serve as a preparation for future challenges.