Oakridge Newton Campus conducted Ellipse 2018, an Inter-School Mathematics League – 1st Edition

Oakridge Newton Campus conducted Ellipse 2018, an Inter-School Mathematics League – 1st Edition

On the 24th of November 2018, the Oakridge, one of the top International Schools in Hyderabad, Newton campus hosted an Inter-School Mathematics competition, called ‘Ellipse’, which had some of the best schools from Hyderabad participating in it. This annual Inter-School Mathematics League “Ellipse-2018” the first edition was a teacher and student-led initiative, driven by the Grade 12 IBDP students. The main aim of this competition was to create interest in mathematics and enjoy the depth of mathematics while solving the problems and at the same time raise the level of the intellectual curiosity of the students.

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The great mathematician, Pythagoras, believed that mathematics held the key to beauty and philosophy. We can see mathematics in the curve of a sculpture or the arch of a building. We can hear it in hip-hop rhythms, or bluegrass harmonies. Mathematics is an age-old discipline. It is critical to science and technology, crucial to financial literacy, and central to daily lives. It is more than just numbers and formulas. It embraces logic and reasoning to resolve complicated, interlocking issues. Many decisions made rely to some extent on the use of mathematics. That is why mathematics is an integral part of general education, and one of the big four academic disciplines namely science, technology, engineering and mathematics commonly known as STEM. We envisioned this competition as a way to unlock our youngsters’ mathematics potential. Show them, through mathematics, how to think critically and creatively; lead them, using mathematics as a key, into a world of possibilities and opportunities.

Ellipse 2018

The competition was unlike any other, as it consisted of a lexicon of five challenges thrown at the participants, ranging from an individual MCQ round to the Prove the theorem, Pass the Baton, Structured Round and finally the Quiz.

It was fascinating to see students delve far deeper into math. The Theorem round made the participants question the validity of their pre-existing mathematical knowledge, by proving or dis-proving the theorems.

The judges for the competition were Math Faculty and Grade 12 students of Oakridge. This competition motivated both teachers and students to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics with emphasis on developing high-order thinking skills. Everyone’s knowledge increased exponentially, and the learning was infinite. This math league managed to rekindle student’s interest in the subject and sparked a new love for math.

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