Then & Now: Parenting has totally changed over the decades

Then & Now: Parenting has totally changed over the decades

With growing trends in ideas, statistics, technology, and almost everything we can think of; changing trends in parenting is no exception. It has changed dramatically over the last decade. Let’s have a look at what has changed in the parent-child relationship.

1. The importance of early childhood education, then and now, has a huge contrast. Early childhood education, then, didn’t receive nearly as much attention as it receives today on the national stage. Then, nobody was talking about the lifelong learning and difference that great preschool education can get the child. Today there’s no denying the prevalence of preschool education, as we’ve come to recognize the value of early childhood education in significant ways. It is the stage of foundation for a children’s future development which provides a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development.

2. There is a drastic change in the real estate category, then and now. Back then, buildings started with limited amenities and mostly situated in the uptown. Today, working parents face a lot of challenges in balancing the time between work and child. Hence, they prefer a place to stay that is close to where they work, mostly in downtown areas, in case they want to come home for lunch and see the kids. This apart, for the all-round development for kids, parents look for places that are walking distance to places that offer art classes and other activities. Keeping this in mind, the majority of buildings are highly focused to cater to the demand which includes kid-friendly amenities like a creche, indoor and outdoor sports area, swimming pool, etc.

3. Parents are more aware of the early enrichment today. The activities were simple which included explorative learning and hands-on engagement for children which didn’t set such high developmental expectations. Whereas, classes today are more age-specific, concentrate on skills development, as moms and dads today are always looking for different, fun, and engaging activities. Moreover, parents are given more information about classes, class goals, and appropriate development expectations.

4. The routes to advice are open from all directions. Back in the day, parents got their advice from friends, family, and their pediatricians. With the growing use of technology, nowadays, parent absorbs advice from a plethora of sources, not all of which are accurate. Everyone with an opinion can find an audience online. They obtain it from hundreds of different websites and implement the one they feel is correct.

If you would like to add anything that you feel has changed over the years in parenting, feel free to comment in the below box.

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