The Role of Enrichment Education Program for Academically Talented Students (P.A.T)

The Role of Enrichment Education Program for Academically Talented Students (P.A.T)

P.A.T. is an enrichment education program which provides a unique array of advanced programs for academically talented students. The students were put through a series of evaluation in order to be enrolled in the program. The primary aim of the program is to provide children with a challenging environment which will foster holistic development and meet their extra-scholastic needs. The program has been developed specially to provide activities that particularly contribute towards meeting the intellectual needs of participating students. In a nutshell, it provides a challenging, fast-paced and above-grade-level curriculum for the motivated learners.

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Furthermore, PAT (program for academically talented), the enrichment education program helps improve the overall quality of learning. The most academically prepared students get an opportunity to learn at an accelerated pace, and to work in peer groups with other academically talented students. The program teaches students based on their intellectual ability, not their year in school. It is a collaborative effort which involves parents, administration, the classroom as well as special area teachers. Such a program challenges students to become self-directed and lifelong learners through a flexible curriculum. Academically strong students enrich their academic experience through the PAT program.

PAT (program for academically talented)

Oakridge, one of the top IB Schools in Hyderabad is committed to improving student learning opportunities, therefore, offers many enrichment education programs for its students. PAT (program for academically talented) is one of those opportunities for students that help broaden and extend their learning process. The school provides a wide range of enrichment resources such as classroom libraries, science labs, laptop, and more. Basically, students those who have exhibited exceptional abilities are selected based on their academic performance and test results as well as their leadership skills. We aim to support the main teaching by invoking the creativity and hidden skills in every student. We pride ourselves on the number and range of co-curricular activities on offer to our students.

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