SPLASH 2018: An Artistic Forum for Expression!

SPLASH 2018: An Artistic Forum for Expression!

A CAS Activity for the differently abled

Expression is a fundamental right of every child. Keeping this in mind, on the 18th of August, 2018, hundreds of differently abled students from all across best Schools in Hyderabad gathered at Oakridge International School, Newton Campus, Gachibowli for an experience to express their creativity, thoughts, and ideas, and have a great time. Splash was an extremely exciting initiative by Ms. Shalini Samuel and her dedicated CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) team of passionate students from Oakridge.

splash at Oakridge International school

The event was conducted as a drawing and dancing contest to encourage and provide a unique opportunity for these aspiring children to showcase their individuality and innovativeness through art. Students were provided with crayons, pencils, paper, and paints and drew to their hearts’ content.

child dancing at Oakridge

Feeling the rhythm of the music, students danced their way into our hearts. Only when these students came up with their ingenious artworks and performances did we as a school understand the immense capabilities and passion that these students exhibit. This passion resonated throughout the school, inspiring not only the student volunteers but also their fellow classmates. The feeling that we the student volunteers experienced every time that one of these students smiled at us was simply invaluable, beyond comparison to anything else.

special child painting at Oakridge Splash

Often times in society, these children are neglected for their ‘incapabilities’ to express themselves in a manner similar to the rest of us, but what we fail to recognise as a society is a limitless potential that these students harbour. Through Splash, we have broken the shackles which hold back these students from displaying and developing their intrinsic talents.

best schools in hyderabad

Partnering with a multitude of organisations, including AMD, Concern India Foundation, and Green Gold, this event was certain to be an absolute success. With the support of differently abled students from institutions including the Shanmugam Society for the Mentally Challenged, Sri Vidhya’s Centre for the Special Children, Greens Special School, Manokrushi Institute for the Mentally Disabled, and Special Care School, and committed IBDP-1 students from Oakridge, Splash has taken a step towards empowering the differently abled. The smiles and laughter of the children have indeed created lasting memories for all.

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