Role of grandparents in a child’s life

Role of grandparents in a child’s life

How the interaction of children with their grandparents helps infuse values, history and experiences in them

“Grandparents’ knowledge is invaluable and their love is unconditional.”

There is no question on the special bond of grandparents and their grandchildren. From ages, grandparents have played a very important role in family life. They are a wealth of knowledge, experience and joy that give children the opportunity for a unique relationship.

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Here are a few things that the grandchildren tend to learn from their grandparents:

  • They can teach a whole new skill set. Grandparents can teach various simple to sophisticated skills that they have learned while growing up like gardening, sewing, woodworking, etc. They teach their grandchildren about how to be resourceful and upcycle things to turn it as a useful product.
  • Learning history from someone who lived it, is much interesting than reading it from textbooks. Grandparents will have more stories related to the world history to tell their grandchildren.
  • Understanding the family tree and various relationships. Most of the children enjoy hearing the family history and, how their parents and grandparents grew up. They will know tons of family members that they didn’t know existed.
  • They give the gift of humor. Learning jokes and pranks from the grandparents is a great way to develop the bond. This also helps them understand how to react by getting teased by someone.
  • Children can learn how to deal with problems in their lives. As the grandparents come with experience and knowledge, it’s easy for kids to take advice as life lessons by listening to their experiences on how they got through from everything just fine.
  • Children learn how to listen to others. Often, kids are used to seeing their parents listening to everything they say. However, it’s also important for them to learn how to listen and understand others as well. Listening to the grandparents’ stories are a great experience, as it can also help the kid at school listening to their teachers and learn from them.
  • They can show various ways to have fun, outside the walls of smartphones. Ever played games like Kancha, Lattoo, Gilli Danda, Lagori, Langdi, Chor Sipahi, and Hopscotch. Well, the grandparents can teach many new games that they did for fun and can be one of the favourites of your child.
  • A small reason of distress is not the end of life. The grandparents have lived long enough to realize this and hence can teach the same to their grandchildren. They can learn to adjust their priorities.
  • The art of letter writing is another great influence that the grandchildren can learn. It’s great practice for kids who are learning how to write.

Role of grandparents

At Oakridge, one of the best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad bring people together and make strong bonds. Moving ahead with a goal of nurturing our children as happy, respectful and responsible citizens, we take a step in this direction by celebrating ‘Grandparents Day’ at Oakridge, which is also India’s top international school. We celebrate this day in a fabulous way by making every Grandparent feel very special by a grand welcome, involving them in fun-filled games and activities, giving thank you cards made by their grandchildren and showering loads of love.

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We aim at making our children feel that grandparents are not only the grandparents, but they are also our inspiration, our guide and the angel who are always there to understand and support us. Our students welcome their Grandparents with ‘Tika’ and the grandparents share some mesmerizing moments with the children. Further, the grandparents enjoy and relive their childhood days with a lot of fun activities and games planned. The children then make a takeaway craft for their grandparents to be presented as a token of love.

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