Brilliant business idea by school students catches eye-balls at recent city summit

Brilliant business idea by school students catches eye-balls at recent city summit

If you’re running a business or a company, would you not love to have creative and efficient manpower working for you at low costs? And do you remember the days when you were in school and would be dying to get some industry experience behind you? Well, these two things are now possible, thanks to a recent digital innovation by these two school kids.

A new online platform proposed by Oakridgers Maanav Khaitan and Vinay Kanigicherla could connect skilled students with opportunities to complete projects for professional clients in need of services. Their online business idea called “Skill-Sync” presented recently at the Schoolpreneurship Summit grabbed eyeballs from noted industry personalities. Their idea was shortlisted as the ‘Best Idea’ at the grand finale of the Schoolpreneurship Summit, where over 35 selected finalists from across the country took part from over 700 ideas that were submitted. Schoolpreneur Summit 2018 was India’s biggest idea pitching event at the school level hosted by Metamorphosis in association with Oakridge International School.

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According to them, their platform Skill-Sync gives a win-win opportunity for both students and mid-scale companies. Through working for professional clients, students develop important practical skills and experience. While, small companies and startups can leverage a massive student-base to get quick, quality work done more affordably. Skill-Sync platform allows companies to list down their project requirements under specific categories and also fix a price they wish to pay. Students can search for projects posted on their choice and submit their interest to take it up.

Speaking on the occasion, Pavan Allena, Founder – Metamorphosis said, “Skill Sync is solving a real problem and has got huge potential. The Idea is niche and they have got huge business potential with impact as well. Congratulations to Maanav, Vinay and Oakridge, one of the best IB schools in Hyderabad for winning the Schoolpreneur Summit 2018 title this year”.

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A well-built rating system allows a company to rate student work post-completion and this provides a good reference for future assignments. Companies can also buy credit points from Skill-Sync to feature their project in the premium section to gather more attention from students. “This idea has immense market potential as there are over 51 million small and medium-sized businesses in India and millions of skilled students seeking professional opportunities” opine Maanav and Vinay, who wish to promote their platform extensively among companies and schools in future.

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