Are we preparing our students for the future?

Are we preparing our students for the future?

Education is no longer about employability. It is more about building skill sets and building character. It is also about building knowledge. If we want our children to succeed in the future workplace, we need a strong content-based, skill-building transaction in the classroom–where student agency is the focus. In this process, we need to be careful that we do not leave our empathy and humanity behind. They will be the key differentiators/binders.

What we need to give our children is a belief in their own ability to adapt, to help them face whatever is in store for them. We also need to give them a strong sense of self-worth–so they can handle and face any setbacks they may encounter in their life journey.

Our children will be the torchbearers of a world yet undiscovered- but one that promises to be amazingly fascinating. The exponentially changing world has a lot to offer but will leave us behind if we do not hone our creativity and our resourcefulness to be able to adapt to it.

What we also need to help them with, to prosper in the modern workplace, is “the capacity to critically analyze information along with the ability to apply this knowledge creatively to real-world problems, persuasively communicate the solution and collaborate with others. What does such a “skillful” curriculum look like? When young children construct a simple experiment to find out whether “sunlight is important for plant growth”, they learn to think critically by positing hypotheses, testing evidence and drawing inferences. This skill comes in handy when later in life they want to test the efficacy of public policy or business strategy initiative.”

When parents involve children in the preparation and balancing of the home budget, they learn a) how to use math concepts in real-life and b) build an understanding of basic economic principles.

While publishing their own school newspaper, “children learn how to research, collaborate and communicate in professional settings. It is seen that these skills, when built early on, transfer well to other contexts.” So when we, as a school, speak of focusing on Collaboration, compassion, and creativity – we are taking a step in that direction.

And the first thing we will need to do is relook and revamp the thinking, space, the teacher talent, and the leadership focus. This will play a huge part in the way our students can be made truly Future-ready. This idea expressed here is just the start –this needs to be further developed into a paradigm.

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