A guest lecture by Ms. Sirisha Spoondla on Recruitment and Staffing

A guest lecture by Ms. Sirisha Spoondla on Recruitment and Staffing

Oakridge, as being one of the Top International Schools in Hyderabad, started OAK INSPIREON,  for experts to talk that inspire students. This platform brings great minds which help students a real-world understanding of concepts and subjects. In line with this, a guest lecture by Ms. Sirisha Spoondla, HR – Head of Callidus cloud was conducted on 9th August 2018 for the students of DP 1 Business Management.

Ms. Sirisha Spoondla initiated the lecture by providing an overview of the human resource department of a business, with more emphasis on the recruitment and selection process. The session was made interactive by thought-provoking questions posed to the students by her. Out of her own expertise in this field, Ms. Sirisha Spoondla enhanced the image of recruitment and selection the students had perceived and has shared how major corporations shifting their leadership style from being autocratic to being democratic are leading to a more liberalised method in the recruitment and selection process.

While briefing on recruitment process, Ms. Sirisha highlighted the new and developing methods of this process that not only looks at the credentials of the candidates, but other aspects that leads to a better business environment by improving teamwork and efficiency such as the applicant’s attitude and orientation towards work, work ethics, cooperative skills, honesty, respect towards staff to everyone in the hierarchy, effective communication skills and reception of criticism from managers.

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Along with making the students aware of the expectations of a recruiter, Ms. Sirisha communicated the different ways adopted by businesses such as behaviour observation when made to wait longer, body language, dialogue with the cleaners to name a few. Ms. Sirisha specified the social media port foiling a recruiter does on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and cautioned the students to be mindful and careful of their activity online, as they might be a subject to the social media background check in their own selection process.

These newer methods of recruitment process not only helped the students who have an inclination to the HR department gain the know-how of the process, but also the aspiring students who aim to work in their field of interest allowing them to appear as better candidates as they know the greater expectations of businesses.

The practicability of the information shared was communicated by Ms Sirisha ’s own company’s corporate culture, in which every employee is considered a CEO – “Customer’s Executive Officer”. Overall it was a good educative and interactive session.

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