5 ways great teacher inspires love for learning in children

5 ways great teacher inspires love for learning in children

Teachers play a huge role in inspiring a lifelong love for learning in children. Here are some of the ways I have seen this happen.

1) Building relationships with parents

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If teachers and parents of students constantly work together, the students continuously get the same message. This ensures that there is no ambiguity regarding what is being taught and the student learns to appreciate knowledge, skills, and content. At Oakridge, one of the best IB schools in Hyderabad conduct a variety of curriculum orientations and are constantly guiding parents on how to become more involved in their child’s learning.

2) Enabling Success

Enabling Success love for learning

Love for learning, more often than not, is accompanied by success in the field. If the child feels that he/she will be able to successfully complete tasks, overcome obstacles and navigate the course of study independently, he/she will want to learn more. Success must be recognized (publicly if possible) so that the taste of success drives the desire for greater success. At Oakridge, we recognize student learning not just in the classroom but at public assemblies, formal ceremonies and through various electronic media as well.

3) Facilitating Inclusion

Facilitating Inclusion love for learning

It is not just a question of recognition. It is essential that teachers employ a range of methods of assessment so that students learn that a variety of intelligence can be recognized in a variety of ways. Through our focus on electronic devices, varied assessment strategies and student success outside of classroom transactions, we at Oakridge have seen student desire to learn to really soar.

4) Learning outside the classroom

Learning outside the classroom

At Oakridge, I have seen students very keenly await opportunities to learn outside formal learning spaces. Whether classes happen in the playing fields or in a museum on our many field trips, we find that it is essential to engage all the senses of the students through exposure to multiple stimuli. Guest lectures by renowned experts are another way in which we are able to increase interest in various subjects.

5) Leading by Example

Leading by Example

We are constantly encouraging our teachers to continue to engage with formal academia. At Oakridge, we groom teacher-trainers, publish teachers’ articles and opinions and inspire teachers to study further. This sets an example for our students and shows them that they are never too old to learn.

Arjun Rao

Educationist & Principal at Oakridge Newton


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