Update from the Principal’s Desk : July 2024

  • 4 July 2024

Oakridge Bachupally joyfully celebrates a momentous achievement –15 years of innovation and inspiring dreams. Reflecting on this remarkable journey fills me with a deep sense of pride for the remarkable achievements of our students, faculty, and entire community.  

The month kicked off with a strong emphasis on global learning and resilience, setting the stage for an exciting academic year ahead. Our students shone brightly, securing top positions in the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary checkpoints, showcasing their dedication and hard work. 

As the new academic year dawned, the teachers, having undergone a rigorous induction program and comprehensive professional training, were poised to embark on a resilient and rejuvenating journey, geared to provide their students with an enriching educational experience. 

Oakridge Bachupally students Shaaraw Darbarwar, Sirisha Kshatriya, and Rayhan Shanavas successfully represented their school at the NAE-UNICEF Student Summit in Houston. Click here to read the blog.  The week-long summit brought together student leaders from Nord Anglia Education schools to collaborate with UNICEF leaders, participate in events, and share ideas for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in their communities. The selected students have also become members of NAE’s Global 100, a group of student leaders dedicated to driving SDG and children’s rights initiatives in their regions. 

We recently hosted the Academic Excellence Award, to appreciate students at who have carved a niche in academics, sports, performing arts, visual arts, and Nord Anglia initiatives. These students have not only pushed the boundaries of academic achievement, but also have set a shining example that inspires their peers to reach new heights of holistic excellence. 

Oakridge International School, Bachupally is thrilled to unveil its captivating Sports Enhancement Program (SEP) for the 2024-25 academic year. This dynamic initiative aims to empower students to explore their passions, cultivate new abilities, and foster a profound sense of self-assurance through immersive, hands-on learning experiences. You shall soon be receiving the details of the programme and the terms and conditions associated with it. 

As devout champions of building a whole child, who thrives with competencies pruned in the new frontier of 21st century education, our school has registered with various Olympiad Exams throughout the academic calendar.  

For academic year 2024-25, Oakridge international school, Bachupally is offering 8 Olympiad exams. The comprehensive details of Olympiad exam shall be shared soon. 

The school is going to implement RFID technology by the end of July, to enhance safety measures. The students shall be issued their ID cards shortly. To nurture students’ innovative capabilities, a new initiative – Maker’s space shall be introduced, serving as a platform for students to make, share and exchange technological ideas. Embracing Toddle, Managebac and Edu Perfect, the utilization of technology will be increased across various educational activities. The school will soon initiate a phased approach for students to bring their own devices, fostering their engagement in Global Campus activities and other AI-assisted resources. A designated time slot will be allocated for students, with strict monitoring in place to ensure compliance with guidelines. Students and parents soon could manage their own passwords for school Microsoft accounts, empowering them with greater control over their account security. 

Our school places a strong emphasis on the health, safety and well-being of its students and staff. The school regularly conducts comprehensive safety audits to identify and mitigate potential risks across the campus. Also, we have next set of new buses in campus now. Additionally, all employees undergo rigorous training on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences acts to ensure a safe and secure environment for the children in their care.  

As we venture into this extraordinary year, we eagerly anticipate even greater accomplishments and milestones on our collective journey towards excellence. 

  • The key highlights of the upcoming events are: 

Bipasha Basu, the renowned Bollywood actress and fitness enthusiast, will be joining the 5K Run. Prepare to be inspired as you run alongside Bipasha, whose passion for health and wellness has made her a beacon of motivation for fitness enthusiasts across the nation. 

The Investiture Ceremony at Oakridge International School is an annual event that marks the formal installation of the newly elected student council members into their leadership roles. 

The third edition of the Oakridge Bachupally Model United Nations promises to be intellectually stimulating, featuring ten diverse committees that will address a broad spectrum of global issues. 

As you navigate life’s path, keep your focus on the greater good. Strive to be a positive force in the lives of others, whether through acts of kindness, service to your community, or championing causes that align with your values. It is in this selfless dedication to making the world a better place that you will find true fulfillment and lasting success. With resilience, growth, and a commitment to serving others, you have the potential to achieve remarkable things and leave an indelible mark on the world around you.