Principal’s Letter – September 2022

  • 7 September 2022

The best teachers don’t give you the answer, but they spark within you the desire to find the answer yourself. Happy Teacher’s Day!

We begin this week’s Newsletter with a quote for teachers. In this world where technology is ever-changing – improving and innovating and there is an overflow of information, it is the teacher who streamlines the student’s prospects and knowledge. Probabilities across the world have no place in the life and career of teachers. They are those who make things happen in such a way that the students find a way out of their curiosities and doubts. 

‘A Teacher affects eternity, she/he cannot tell where his / her influence is felt.’ This quote stands true in the lives of all people and at some point in time, each one will remember their teachers. We proudly stand in the teaching community, swearing in ourselves to build the lives of our future generations. 


Oakridge International School, Bachupally has attained a remarkable victory in the IGCSE results announced in the month of August. Indeed!!! It was a 100% result, with all the 41 students who wrote the assessments coming out in flying colors. GNV Akshit Choudary and Preet Jiggar Gala attained a spectacular 8 A* to their credit. Two more students, Aman Sriven and Mehati Punnamraju attained 7A* and one A which is laudable. Three students achieved 6A* with 2 A. The school got a thumping percentage of 46 % A to *A, 71% A – *B and 91.08% A to *C. 31 students appeared for ICE certification, out of which 16 students achieved Distinction and 16 students achieved Merit, which is a historical moment for Oakridge Bachupally. It is indeed a milestone achieved.  

Episodes of success

Investiture ceremony-Leadership is about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work! Oakridge believes in instilling these values among students. The school investiture ceremony was a proud moment for one and all where elected students of Primary and senior school were bestowed with responsibilities. Teachers and parents witnessed the formal ceremony where the invested leaders received their credentials from the School’s Senior Leadership Team. This newly elected Prefect Council will maintain a strong relationship with the entire student body and the school and will work towards providing opportunities for others to take part in different school events.


Radiant Rhapsody 2022 – Season 5, Mega Inter School Cultural Competition was extremely a super hit. The platform enabled students to show their talents and compete with their enhanced skills. It was a wonderful event with spectacular performances by over 700 participants in Dance, Singing, Instrumental music, Drama, and Visual arts in the solos and groups category. All the participants set their benchmark or level head which we all have seen from previous seasons of Radiant Rhapsody.

The International Career and College Counseling, commonly called IC3 to the counseling fraternity, saw the annual conference come live with all its grandeur and magnificence in the city of Nizams, Hyderabad. In addition to the two days of action-packed conferences, the city witnessed world-class universities from across the globe and schools from countries around the world. 

This year OISB partnered with IC3 to have the university fair hosted at our campus that saw 60 universities, UC Santa Cruz, Imperial College London, RCSI, and the University Of Bath to name a few, celebrating the spirit of sustainable school-based career and college guidance under one roof. The school profile of Oakridge Bachupally is a useful tool for college admissions officers to interpret and understand general information about our school. It gives a university useful information about the academic and extra-curricular offerings of a school, and how the school delivers its curriculum.

A footfall of nearly 1000 has been recorded which revealed students and parents of not only our school but others in our vicinity. Parents have expressed their gratitude and have congratulated the school as we took every effort to ensure the success of the in-person interaction after two years of virtual exchanges. The university fair revealed the spirit of the students, their curiosity, and their rationale was not deterred by the state of uncertainty that prevailed in the last two years.

Physical Education- Students got to express their energy in the games and physical activities in post-pandemic schooling. Students exhibited their best skills to win the title in the Firefox Throwball tournament and settle down as runner-up in the Telangana independence cup throwball tournament.


Chetan Shiv Kumar snatched the gold medal in U-14 boys’ single tennis where basketball and football teams showcased a spectacular fighting spirit. Boys U-18 boys cricket team exhibited amazing form to reach the quarter-final of the Glendale trophy tournament. Swimmers showcased extraordinary swimming competency in the inter-school swimming competition organized by Pallavi International school. 27 swimmers participated in the swimming competition and won 37 gold,7 silver, and 5 bronze medals and emerged as champions of the tournament. Taekwondo belt grading test was conducted for students in Grade – 3-12 and the student transformed their learning to the next level.

Community service in action

From me to you.. Lets come together ! Tuck Shop was held at Cambridge Primary Grades 3, 4, and 5 to raise funds for community service projects. The businesses offered tantalizing treats and fun games, which helped them generate a significant amount of revenue. Many kids enjoyed their first experience of using their own pocket money at the tuck shops. 

Eco-Friendly Ganesha by PYP Grade 2-5 and CAIE grade 7-our PYP young learners and CAIE students understood the importance of using chemical-free products and alternatives. As an action taken to SDG 13, our learners tried their little hands-on clay modeling and made eco-friendly seed Ganesha idols. 

Interclass Recycling championship-Oakridge students “live the Talk,” and this was evident when our student crew helped to safeguard the environment and complete their small portion of Swachh Bharat. They collected all the used textbooks, notebooks, newspapers, and dry material they could find in their homes and brought them to school. We will receive stationery in exchange for all the recyclable material, which we will subsequently donate to vulnerable learners, aiming for SDG 4: Quality Education.

Parent connect and Parent Partnership

Parent involvement is a strong determining factor in the academic performance of almost all students. It refers to a condition where parents are proactively engaged in their children’s education.

Children learn best when the significant adults in their lives -parents, teachers, and other family and community members work together to encourage and support them. In association with this and for better results we have meaningful involvement of parents through our Oakridge Parent partner meetings. Parents were encouraged to participate and share their views with schools helping them with functions and activities, or communicating with teachers. Oakridge Parent Partner ( OPP ) meetings were conducted for the senior segment and we will have the meetings for the primary segment by the mid of September. A sincere thanks to all the senior school parents who have attended and shared their valuable suggestions. The head of the segments will be sharing the focus areas & action plan with all segment parents.

Updates from the Head of Operations desk

Our constant effort is to ensure a seamless student experience and we are slowly and steadily reaching the goal. The operations department worked towards strengthening the transport operations and initiated new projects under Security, ICT, and Events verticals. Mr. Shrikanth Narvate has taken over the role of the Security Manager, Weekly briefings and training across departments are being conducted to ensure student safety, security and hygiene.

We are working towards improving our stores and purchase department, we are hiring a store manager to address store grievances and better meet the store requirements. Setting up of two new ICT labs for Senior school is underway.

September buzz

CASFiesta-2022 A multicultural event -The Bachupally Campus CAS team is preparing for its spectacular event. A one-stop destination wherein teachers, parents, and students participate in a student-organised event with food stalls, games, handmade products, DIY workshops, live music, and dance. The event is mainly a fundraiser to collect funds and engage in community service projects for people in need. We cordially welcome you to attend the CASFiesta on September 23rd, a multicultural celebration on the school grounds. Save the Date, and let’s enjoy a day of play and festivity while supporting our students through our presence, bring in your families and friends, and don’t miss out on some cool surprises. Stay tuned for more updates.

Those were a few of the many that we experience at OISB and it is a matter of pride for all of us as stakeholders. Let’s continue the same momentum and make it an experience that lays a long impact on the minds of the students. 

As the holy occasion of Dussehra is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, we wish you a beautiful festive season! May the brightness and sparkles of Vijaya Dashami bless you with a great and positive year ahead…