Principal’s letter- October’21

  • 4 October 2021

Oakridge International School, Bachupally experienced momentum in all disciplines which created a buzz of music, sports and academics that brought the dormant talent of our children into the limelight. We proudly declare that our students have excelled in every event and aspect. They have proved themselves to be proud ‘Oakridgers’ and are heading towards greater achievements.

OISB has always been a platform for students to prove themselves global citizens and foster independence and collaboration as a result of holistic learning. Students have an opportunity to expand their perspectives and connect across the world. On this note, a word of gratitude to all the parents for their extended cooperation and prompt response and action needed to help our students thrive in the uncertain future that is also volatile.

The pandemic subsided bringing in fresh air for the students and teachers to get back to normal amidst all the uncertainties. The School reopened for students segment-wise, three days for the senior school and one day for the Primary and the Early years each. After rigorous and mindful planning, finally, the premises of Oakridge roared with the zeal and vibrant smiles of our youngest Oakridgers. It was an inexpressible experience of seeing our students after a long time. Even the students expressed their happiness of attending school physically. They feel that learning is better in a physical school and they were elated doing the activities and tasks along with the PE and PA classes too.

OISB aims at new concepts that will raise the bar, intelligence-wise among the students, all in the interest of the children. In view of this, Oakridge Parent Partner (OPP) meetings were conducted for all the segments. A Sincere thanks to all the parents who have attended and share their valuable suggestions. The head of the segment will be sharing the focus areas & action plan with all segment parents on or before 5 Oct’21.

Nord Initiatives and Collaboration
Share a dream – The launch of Stage 2 of the ‘Share a dream’ project on September 7, 2021, was successful. This is an initiative that brings all the NAE schools on the same forum, to get a glimpse into each other’s acts of kindness and also to track the progress of one’s progress. As we share and upload student’s individual contributions to social service and the school’s community service works in the forum, creating a more consolidated environment, spirit, and culture of spreading kindness and good work by being inspired and inspiring others.

MIT Launch 

MIT regularly leads international league tables and is widely regarded as the top university in the world for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). We have launched yet another version of MIT Challenges at Oakridge, Bachupally, We are excited once again that our students will be participating in the STEAM programme designed by MIT, specifically for Nord Anglia Education, that is filled with unique learning opportunities to develop student’s skills and knowledge while developing their interdisciplinary learning and practical problem-solving skills.

Gamboling Time
Music not only changes our mood, but it also changes the way we think and our perception of the world. When the pandemic hit the nation, many kept themselves sane by humming and intoning their favorite tunes, now it’s time for the same but in a way of a battle. The ‘Radiant Rhapsody’, a competition conducted at the National level by Oakridge, was a successful event and received excellent support and feedback from other schools. Students performed so well, very professionally and with lots of enthusiasm. The communication regarding the time, events and dates reached the competitors on time and it was a seamless journey all through.

The Mega Virtual event was launched by celebrities: Mr.Mime Madhu (Indian mime academy Director), Mr.Anudeep Devarakonda (Indian Playback singer), Mr.Magic murali (RJ Magic FM ) and Mr.Kashinath. Twenty-five schools across the country with 450 student participation marked the grandeur of the event. The event was judged by the topmost professionals of the respective art from Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore. One hundred and seventy students were declared winners in different categories in the event.

The month of September 2021, showed varied colours in the spectrum of education in OISB. Nord Anglia Global Campus 2KM run was conducted on the school grounds physically. There were around 125 enthusiastic runners who took on the 2KM challenge and proved their excellence in the running. Strong will and determination were the need of the hour to take the challenge.

The Student-Led Conference which is popularly called SLC took place virtually for students of CAIE grades 6-9. Students had to present their learning to their parents in a creative manner. Our students rocked the show. They presented their learning in the form of videos, images, posters, PowerPoint etc. Hindi Diwas was celebrated on 14th September 2021 across the Primary and CBSE segments. The importance of the language was presented in the form of various skits and dances and also spread the word that ‘Hindi’ is the National Language.

The launch of Artificial Intelligence integration with academic subjects was also done on 14th September. Students got an opportunity to interact with our esteemed industry expert, Ms. Vasundhara VijayaRagavan from Germany to understand the AI application.

Early years in action
Life skills are an essential set of skills that are learned throughout a student’s life to enhance their lifestyle in the best way possible. Young children are engaged in diverse activities through which they learn communication skills, self-management, decision making and many more.

Grandparents’ Day – Young learners of our early years celebrated Grandparents’ Day with gratitude and compassion for all the grandparents of students on a virtual platform due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. It is a celebration of selflessness and limitless love and it is an opportunity for both grandparents and grandchildren to express affection for each other.

Drive into your dream – An almost 2 yrs of virtual experience has been broken for early years segment with an event ‘Drive into your Dreams’ in association with Eurokids playschool to give an all-new learning experience at Oakridge International School, Bachupally to explore their child’s talent in Sketch & Splash, Taps & Tunes, Rhythm and Rhyme, and also participate in LegoLand contest and win exciting goodies and certificates. The EYP teachers have showcased how teaching makes an impact in terms of academics and activities to build a holistic personality.

Oakridge Bachupally-Round the corner

Nord Anglia among the World Leaders – Mr. Brian Cooklin, Managing Director, Nord Anglia Education, India has been nominated for India’s Big New Normal Education Leadership Awards 2021, a sister concern of the World Education Summit. He will be speaking on the topic ‘Empowering Education Community for Socio-Digital Transformation.’

Coffee mornings-Oakridge Bachupally is planning to have Coffee Morning sessions for all the grades to encapsulate and reflect on our efforts of “Doing the Best” for “The Best”. This would be a platform to raise the learning graph of our students through a mutual exchange of thoughts and best practices that are aligned with Oakridge’s vision for our Students.

School Reopening-All protocols for safety and safeguarding have been laid and the support staff is trained to take care of the students all through. We welcome senior students of grades 6-12 for all 5 working days from October 18 for offline classes. Early years and Primary will have offline classes two days a week. Early years will be working on October 19, 20, 26 & 27. Primary will come to school on October 21, 22, 28 & 29.

As we embark on a fresh opening of the full school, we invoke God’s grace upon our students, so that they will have a memorable and cherishing time. We hope that all our expectations are met and see our students exploring greater heights. Dussehra greetings to all of you and hope to see our students back to school rejuvenated after the vacation. Once again, our gratitude to all our parents for their cooperation and support. Hope we will receive the same in time to come and build our children to face the uncertain world!