Principal’s Desk Update : October 2023

  • 9 October 2023

As October’s golden embrace surrounds us, we step into a new chapter of our academic journey. With anticipation, we welcome the wisdom and insights that will guide us through this month as we explore the vast realm of knowledge. The month graced us with a myriad of experiences, promising treasures for each individual. Amidst the celebration of our students’ exceptional achievements and creative endeavors, we acknowledge the profound ripples they cast beyond our school’s hallowed halls, championing noble causes from social initiatives to environmental conservation. 

I was privileged to be a part of this transformative event, the SLT-’23 Innovate Conference that harnessed the power of collectiveness, drawing together professionals from all corners of the globe to explore three compelling themes. It amplified the enchanting realm of Artificial Intelligence, accentuating its transformative potential as a collective force. Furthermore, it leveraged the collective wisdom to champion well-being, recognizing the global significance of mental and physical vitality in the professional landscape. Finally, it empowered attendees to embark on a splendid journey of Professional Learning, harnessing local and global insights to propel ongoing personal and career development to new heights.  

The IB Heads and Principal’s Meet of Hyderabad schools fostered greater collaboration among school leaders through workshops and international trainers. This approach enriched resources for stakeholders, enhancing TOK, CAS, and EDI opportunities, ultimately benefiting the educational ecosystem. Schools coming together to collaborate is like finding a goldmine of knowledge, paving the way for a more enriching educational experience and brighter prospects for our students. 

Amidst the jubilation of our students’ remarkable accomplishments and creative expressions, we acknowledge the profound waves they cast beyond our school’s boundaries, championing noble causes from societal endeavors to the preservation of our environment. 

In the mosaic of our multicultural community, Aequitas, a student-driven initiative, shines as a radiant symbol of unity and inclusivity, reflecting the very heart and soul of our Oakridge family, where the principles of equity and belonging reign supreme.  

In a blossoming tapestry of environmental commitment, we stand honoured to be part of the illustrious “ITC WOW recycling drive, the prestigious “Inter-School Recycling Championship.” This noble initiative aspires to kindle the flames of inspiration and empowerment within our youth, forging them into ardent defenders of the environment. Its central mission lies in cultivating the sacred habit of segregating waste into the pristine realms of “wet” and “dry” categories, thus nurturing the flourishing seeds of tomorrow’s environmental champions. 

Karthik Nera, our radiant luminary hailing from the illustrious halls of Cambridge Primary’s Grade 4, emerges as an enigmatic force, ablaze upon the grand stage of Taekwondo. A Grade 4 prodigy, blazes a trail in Taekwondo, securing bronze medals in Poomsae and Speed Kicking at the 5th Heroes Taekwondo International Championship and a gold and bronze at the National Taekwondo Open Challenge 2023. The world of Taekwondo stands enthralled, for in Karthik, they have found a paragon of excellence, a shining star amidst the heavens of martial artistry. 

In a jubilant proclamation, we joyfully unveil that the artwork of Tiara Ghosh, a luminous talent from Grade 4 Cambridge Primary, has been selected as one of the coveted 13 laureates in the prestigious art competition. It shall grace the esteemed Children’s International Mangrove Art Calendar for 2024 and adorn their forthcoming MAP website gallery. Amongst 245 submissions spanning 35 nations, Tiara Ghosh, emerges as India’s singular gem, her brilliance illuminating the global artistic sphere. 

We had our Term – 1 Annual Expectation meet, an occasion where the symbiosis of parents and teachers takes center stage. These meetings serve as a vital nexus between the realms of home and school, facilitating a profound connection. These gatherings offer a panoramic view of a child’s scholastic journey, revealing their triumphs, tribulations, and metamorphosis.  

Continuing with effort to strengthen the growth of our school, I am pleased to welcome the arrival of Anuradha Varma as the esteemed Head of International Curriculum for Oakridge International School, Bachupally. We eagerly look forward to witnessing her transformative contributions as she fortifies our institution’s educational legacy. Ms. Anuradha can be reached at 

Kindly join me in extending a warm welcome to Ms. Anuradha as she steps into her new position at Oakridge Bachupally. 

As our odyssey persists, let us collectively carry the torch of unity and boundless curiosity. Together, we shall venture forth, navigating unexplored realms, gathering knowledge, uplifting spirits, and wholeheartedly embracing the fresh horizons that beckon.  

“Innovate like a resilient river, flowing around obstacles, carving new paths, and never ceasing to adapt and evolve.”  

In heartfelt gratitude for your indelible presence within the Oakridge family, let us toast to a month replete with fulfillment and a legacy of benevolent impact!