Principal’s Update : June 2024

  • 7 June 2024

A Warm Welcome to the New Academic Session -2024-2025 – “Embrace the new academic year with bravery, fortitude, and unwavering determination to chase your dreams.” 

I delightfully extend a warm welcome to all as we embark on the Academic year of 2024-2025. The school will reopen on Monday, 10 June, and I am optimistic that this academic year will bring forth numerous new accomplishments as we unite to forge connections that enrich our lives and pave the way for fostering positive transformations within our local and global communities. 

Oakridge is buzzing with excitement as we gear up to celebrate 15 years of innovation and inspiring dreams! Get ready to witness a spectacular event that will showcase our global connectedness, embrace cultural differences, and highlight our remarkable achievements. Let’s come together to commemorate our journey and set the stage for even greater accomplishments in the years to come! 

As our teacher’s induction program culminates, innovation and inspiration permeate the atmosphere, fuelling the minds of teachers. Reflecting on past experiences, they eagerly anticipate the new academic year with fresh perspectives, ready to embrace challenges and cultivate a dynamic learning environment for their students. With a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm, teachers stand poised to begin on a journey of growth and resilience in the upcoming academic year. 

We also engaged in enriching discussions with parents during the Parent orientation program held throughout the school, nurturing a cohesive community spirit. Parents must have gathered valuable information regarding the diverse curriculum offerings. Additionally, we have arranged the Meet Your Teacher Programme, providing an opportunity for parents to meet the teachers and address any queries they may have regarding your ward’s transition. 

To ensure smooth communication, please take a moment to review and update your contact information on the school portal. Please refer to the playbook for more details. We encourage you to download the Oakridge app, which provides convenient access to school updates, announcements, and personalized notifications. Please find attached the comprehensive calendar AY24-25 (tentative) featuring important dates holiday schedules, events, and important dates. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the school timings. Parents can refer to the important point of contacts to be reached out to, in times of need. The transport details for the present academic year shall shared 8 June. 

On the operational front, a new initiative – Maker’s space shall be introduced by the end of July, serving as a platform for students to make, share and exchange technological ideas. To enhance the overall campus experience, a comprehensive revamp of the AC & washroom facilities is underway. Simultaneously, we’re enhancing our play areas for Early Years students and upgrading primary sports facilities to promote physical well-being and holistic development. 

The monsoon season, with its refreshing raindrops and earthy aroma, is truly enchanting. However, staying healthy during this time requires some extra care. Stay hydrated, enjoy healthy delicacies, and maintain personal hygiene. And yes, don’t forget your colourful umbrella and raincoats – they’ll keep you dry and protected. 

As we celebrate 15 remarkable years within the Oakridge family, let our enthusiasm be the catalyst for an extraordinary year ahead. Together, we’ll champion punctuality, amplify cooperation, and radiate kindness—a symphony of positivity that shapes our students’ futures. Here’s to resilience, benevolence, and countless milestones yet to come!