October 2022 Principal Update

  • 27 October 2022

Oakridge International School, Bachupally experienced momentum in all disciplines which created a buzz of music, sports, and academics that brought the dormant talent of our children into the limelight. We proudly declare that our students have excelled in every event and aspect. They have proved themselves to be proud ‘Oakridgers’ and are heading towards greater achievements. 

OISB has always been a platform for students to prove themselves global citizens and foster independence and collaboration as a result of holistic learning. Students have an opportunity to expand their perspectives and connect across the world. 

On this note, a word of gratitude to all the parents for the extended cooperation and prompt response and action needed to help our students thrive in this eventful time. 

CASFiesta-2022 Fundraiser. “A multicultural festivescape”


Oakridge Bachupally stood true to these words on a bright sunny morning of September 23rd. The whole campus and entire fraternity participated and witnessed the unity and togetherness all for one purpose “to create a new wave of Social Impact”  CASFiesta – a fundraiser, organized by students and teachers to extend help and support to the underprivileged and try to create an equal society for all by setting up 63 multifarious Stalls, with a footfall of over 1500 plus visitors, stalls ranging from food, beverages, games, fashion, photo booths, Multicultural quiz, interactive booklets, DIY workshops, pottery, karaoke to Terraroseum were just a few of the eye-catchers.

A plenitude amount of 3 Lakh rupees was raised by the sales of the tickets, confectionaries, and activities offered by students to work towards the welfare and betterment of the community such as awareness on menstrual hygiene, allocation of charity for orphanages, empowering educational initiatives and donate learning resources to schools that need support. 


The festive escape was graced with the presence of Mr. Kiran Verma (Social Entrepreneur) – Founder of Simply Blood, the World’s First Virtual Blood Donation Platform as chief guest. The mega fundraiser captured a fair amount of media presence as it was featured in several local and national Newspapers and Social media platforms to help spread the good word about giving back to society.


SLT Conference

Nothing can replace human face-to-face interaction and how sharing big ideas and experiences on educational strategies will promote world peace and harmony. 

Attending the Nord Anglia SLT conference has broadened my network, promoted a deeper understanding of the true purpose of Education, uncovered new learnings, and reinforced existing best practices. Being globally connected, aspiring for the well-being of society, resilience, purpose, innovation, and creativity using technology in education leverages young learners to be reflective and collaborative in nature.  

The takeaway was very thought-provoking – A deeper reflection on what the key challenges that our students would face in the future and what can we now do to minimize them. The future seems to be fragile but how can we, as educators train the next generation to handle it with care?

Recognition by Clever Harvey – Centre for Excellence for Career Clarity

At Oakridge International School, we believe in continuously providing students with new opportunities to challenge themselves to learn and apply real-world concepts. For this, we partnered with Clever Harvey to engage them in a JuniorMBA career discovery masterclass session.

  1. The JuniorMBA program gave opportunities to our teenage students to:
  2. Test-drive future careers
  3. Build projects for leading companies like Domino’s, PUMA, and more.
  4. Add an industry certificate to their profile

Oakridge International School, Bachupally was awarded a Centre for Excellence for Career Clarity by Clever Harvey for engaging students in career explorations.

Coffee morning for New Parents

Oakridge Bachupally had Coffee Morning sessions for all the new parents of grades 6-12 to encapsulate and reflect on our efforts of “Doing the Best” for “The Best”. This would be a platform to raise the learning graph of our students through a mutual exchange of thoughts and best practices that are aligned with Oakridge’s vision for our Students.

WINING JOURNEY Oakridge Bachupally in SFA – 2022

Winning attitude, sporting spirit, and passion for the game are the first-line characteristics of a Sportsman. 200 plus students have participated in the Sports disciplines like Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Football, Throwball, and Basketball in the SFA tournaments.

Oakridge Bachupally players have demonstrated excellent sporting skills and winning spirit in the tournaments. So far students have won

Swimming – 5- Golds, 1- Silver, and 8 – Bronze medals

Basketball – U – 14 Boys Runners up

Tennis – U – 14 Girls Bronze medal.

Though the tournament is heading towards its concluding days, our winning journey is progressing with the advancement of the U-12 Girls Football team to semi-finals, U-12 Boys football team to the Quarter-finals, and the U-10 Boy’s Football teams have been showing amazing energetic performance in the league matches and continuing the winning journey.

We believe in being ambitious. Trust my little ones will blow their victory conch in their upcoming SFA journey. Best of Luck team and coach.


Oakridge Bachupally-Round the corner


With this foundational MUN conference, we strive to set benchmarks for not only Oakridge Bachupally MUN for years to come but make a lasting impact on the City’s MUN circuit as a whole. We endeavor to make large strides when it comes to inclusivity, Diversity, and representation in this circuit and leaves behind a lasting legacy. 


We’re not just a simulation: there is competition and celebration, deliberation and disagreement, frolic and fiery. Our dedicated secretariat and organizing committee along with the school faculty has been working tirelessly to bring to a conference you’ll never forget; A conference for the modern age. Our generation lives in trying times from having experienced a pandemic, and witnessing a thorough lapse in democracy and human rights in several parts of the world, to the threat of war. That along with the globalised network the internet provides is what we believe has given this generation the most intricate thought processes, the loudest voices, and the passion to right all wrongs, it is that very passion that inspired us to give them that platform to be diplomats, to debate ideas and deliberate upon solutions. 

8 Billion ideas- A Nord Initiative

The First ever virtual Internship program is being organized for Grade 9 & 10 students of CAIE and CBSE Segments from October 27-29 October 2022. This program is a 3-day experience designed to inspire students to follow their passion, unlock their inner entrepreneur, and give them real exposure to the working world. Over the three days, students will get an insight into how businesses function, and gain transferable experiences that will be valuable to their future. Throughout the Broadcast, students will be developing their skills and learning about different departments within a business such as Human Resources, product, and Marketing & Sales.

At the end of each day, each student will create a dossier, capturing what they have learned to help them focus future job searches, showcase their unique style, and present independent research.


 Sports Day

Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill, and Spirit play an important role in the holistic development of students. We have regular physical education periods and also conduct regular activities to ensure the students are physically and mentally fit. To add zest and fun, the School is organizing Sports Day from November 1-18, 2022 for different segments. Respective schedules will be shared shortly by the coordinators.

 We are anticipating a very exciting and insightful month ahead. All we want is to see our students reach greater heights and we facilitate them to do so. We are going to explore and expedite the learning process into rigorous and deliberate practice to see that our students reach their targets and set goals. May our wishes for our students come true in time to come.

As the holy occasion of Diwali is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, we wish you a beautiful festive season on Diwali! May this auspicious occasion bring along bright sparkles of contentment that stay with you through the days ahead.