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September 2023

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Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

September has unfolded a kaleidoscope of experiences, promising something for everyone. United by the essence of remarkable events that define our multicultural community, Aequitas, our student-led initiative, stands as a beacon of unity and inclusivity. It embodies the heart and soul of our Oakridge family, reminding us that equal representation and belonging are at the core of our values.

As we celebrate our students’ achievements and creative expressions, we also recognize the impact they are making beyond our school gates, from social purpose initiatives to environmental conservation efforts.

As we continue our journey, let us carry the spirit of unity and curiosity with us. Together, we will explore, learn, uplift, and embrace the fresh opportunities that lie ahead.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Oakridge family, and here’s to a month filled with fulfillment and positive impact!

Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, Principal

Oakridge International School, Bachupally

Embracing Diversity Together

Aequitas is a dynamic student-led initiative, committed to embracing the core values and vibrant diversity of our multicultural community. It’s by students, for students, and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Our inspiring students, Rayhan – EDI Ambassador, and Riana – EDI Charge d’Affaires, along with Principal Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, have come together to champion this remarkable initiative. They’ve delivered a powerful message, assuring everyone at Oakridge that the right to equal and unique representation is here to stay.




One belt at a time, we rise.

Congratulations to all 150 Taekwondo students who were promoted to their next belt level! Grade 3–12 students took the exam under the watchful eye of Chief Examiner Mr. Mukesh (4th-degree black belt). A heartfelt appreciation to our masters, Mr. Hemanth and Mr. Rana, for training our students.

Teachers Day

On the eve of Teachers’ Day, the learners of PYP 5 dazzled with a performance of dances, songs, and band music to express their gratitude towards their teachers. Meanwhile, the CP segment prefect heads organized an assembly for the teachers.

The Teacher’s Day celebration for the entire school’s teachers was organized, and the Managing Director, Christopher Short, joined in. The celebrations were followed by a special lunch, and after lunch, a lot of fun-filled activities took place

Events And



Hindi Diwas

IBPYP and Cambridge Primary learners celebrated Hindi Diwas with special assemblies that showcased their creativity, communication skills, and self-management. They recited speeches, songs, and poems on the importance of Hindi Diwas and promoted the essence of Indian culture, heritage, and identity.

International Dot Day

Our EY and IBPYP learners celebrated International Dot Day with a variety of creative activities, including making marks and painting pictures with dots. These activities stimulated their thinking skills and enhanced their creativity.


The INK and INSIGHT festival got off to a great start with a variety of activities from the English and Social departments. In order to promote sustainability, the collaboration integrated debate, declamation, dance, singing, poster-making, poem composition, poem recitation, tie-dye, and best out of waste. Such a colorful combination!

State & National Level Art Competition

Students showcased their art skills at the State level and National Drawing competitions on campus. EYs to Grade 12 learners displayed creativity on FIT INDIA (State) and COLOURING, RAINBOW, BIRDS, INDIAN PARLIAMENT, MONUMENTS OF INDIA, FAVOURITE GAME/PLAYER, AND AI (National) themes.

Forty-seven students excelled at the State level, winning 19 gold, 15 silver, and 13 bronze medals, and qualifying for the district level. Seven of these students were selected to represent OISB at the State level.


Student's Corner



GoldRush: Siddharth’s winning streak!

Siddharth, 8 grade, made us proud at the 3rd National Finswimming Championships! Congratulations Siddharth on your incredible achievements!

Gold – 100 mtrs Surface Monofin |200 mtrs Surface Monofin
1Silver- 50 mtrs Appenia
1Bronze – 100 mtrs relay team

TKD Ace Karthik

Karthik Nera, our Grade 4 superstar from Cambridge Primary, setting the Taekwondo scene on fire! Karthik won the following medals:
*5th Heroes Taekwondo International Championship
Bronze in Poomsae
Bronze in Speed Kicking
*National Taekwondo Open Challenge 2023
Gold in Speed Kicking
Bronze in Poomsae

Writing Stars Shine

Students were felicitated for their outstanding performance. They had showcased their skills in creative writing, such as articles, blogs, and poems. The efforts and hard work of the students were appreciated and recognized, and certificates were presented to them.

Making A Difference!

Team Eleos visited a local government school to work towards their Goal SDG-4 for Quality Education. Students had a blast during our icebreaker session and games, setting the stage for impactful work ahead.

Social Purpose

Championing The Cause


Nurturing Environmental Champions!

We are honored to be a part of the “ITC WOW” recycling drive, the “Inter-School Recycling Championship,” where students from nursery to Grade 12 came together to champion the cause of environmental conservation. This initiative aims to inspire and empower children to become stewards of the environment by fostering the habit of source segregation of waste into wet and dry categories.
Total Quantity Recycled: 707.5 kgs| Total Participants: 91 students
Our top contributors are:
1️. Tanishka (Grade 8A): 33 kgs | 2️. Vivan Jain (Grade 4B): 27 kgs

Ms. Aekkaldev Shruthi

“Family is not an important thing it’s everything”EYP2 had a guest lecture on Relationships and culture where Ms.Aekkaldev Shruthi explained families are like branches on a tree.we grow in different directions yet our roots  remain as one. 

Guest Lecture


Ms. Aditi Krishnakumar

A weeklong literary fest was concluded with motivational guest talk by Ms. Aditi Krishnakumar giving insight on storytelling, sharing her journey of writing and inquisitive Q&A by our learners of IBPYP. 

Mr. Madhusudhan

Our learners from grade 1 are inquiring into Houses around the world and material used to build a home. Who can explain it better than a civil engineer? . We had a wonderful interactive session by Mr. Madhusudhan father of Sidharth our grade 1 student. Such sessions help our learners to view concepts from different perspectives. 


Professional Development

Nurturing Dreams


Balance for Life

Striking a work-life balance is essential for overall well-being. Ms. Pooja Kumari’s session offered valuable guidance on managing professional commitments alongside personal lives, emphasizing the need to prioritize self-care, set boundaries, and foster a healthier lifestyle. By sharing practical tips and strategies, Ms. Kumari empowered participants to navigate the demands of their careers while nurturing their personal well-being, ultimately fostering a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

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