Ms. Anuradha Verma

  • 10 June 2024

Anuradha Verma is an educator with a wealth of experience spanning multiple educational boards, showcasing her versatility and profound understanding of the field. Her tenure in significant roles such as Diploma Programme Coordinator and Associate Head of School underscores her exemplary leadership skills and adeptness in managing intricate educational programs.

With a distinguished academic background, including dual Master’s degrees in Life Science and Education, she brings a distinctive blend of subject matter expertise and pedagogical knowledge to her profession. Her unwavering commitment to unlocking the potential of each student is a testament to her genuine passion for education and her firm belief in the transformative power of learning.

As a leader, Anuradha aims to set high standards at Oakridge and foster an environment where every student feels valued, nurtured, and encouraged to explore their passions. Her philosophy centers on creating a culture of excellence, where learning isn’t just a task but a lifelong journey filled with wonder and discovery.