Update from the Principal’s Desk : March 2024

  • 18 March 2024

“In a world where inclusion is the bedrock, diversity becomes a symphony of brilliance, inspiring ambition to soar to new heights. Innovation flourishes in the rich soil of varied perspectives, while technology serves as the bridge connecting us all in this journey of progress and possibility.” 

The month of February at Oakridge Bachupally has been a whirlwind of growth, learning, and inspiration. Our school community has been filled with immense pride as we witness the remarkable achievements, passion, and dedication of our students firsthand. From the captivating performances in the Musical Extravaganza Season 2 to the insightful global explorations during International Mindedness week and the culturally enriching Culture Mela that transcends boundaries, our students have embraced each opportunity with remarkable enthusiasm and commitment. 

As we journey through this academic path together, your active engagement remains crucial to your child’s success. Your continued support creates a vibrant environment where every student feels valued, empowered, and motivated to reach their full potential. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering commitment to our school community.  

Transformational Discourse :

In a convergence of over 200 educators representing 15 nations, the SEAMEI Teaching & Learning Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam became a hub of transformative dialogue and collaboration. At this prestigious event, we took the stage to showcase how Oakridge Bachupally is at the forefront of innovation in education.  During this conference several inspiring moments and enlightening discussions unfolded, leading to innovative shift in learning.  

The incredible women who contribute to our school’s success every day :

The school celebrated International Women’s Day, championing inclusion and empowerment for all. Through inspiring speeches, engaging activities, and meaningful discussions, the event highlighted the importance of unity and support in advancing gender equality. Students and staff came together to honor the achievements of women and reaffirm their commitment to creating a more inclusive and empowered society. 

Harmonizing Horizons: Cultivating Global Minds : 

In the heart of Oakridge Bachupally’s Primary program lies a journey that transcends textbooks. The SAWAHIL Culture Mela stands as a living testament—a bridge that unites young hearts across borders. Here, academic boundaries dissolve, replaced by vibrant performances and interactive exhibits that weave a tapestry of cultural exploration. 

As students step into this cultural odyssey, they dismantle stereotypes, their senses ignited by the kaleidoscope of traditions. Each dance, each melody, each shared story becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of global citizenship. Oakridge Bachupally nurtures not just learners, but ambassadors of understanding, empathy, and unity. 

In this harmonious exchange, young minds become architects of a world where diversity is celebrated, and borders are mere lines on a map. 

Symphonic Surge: Encore Unleashed :

In the spotlight of Oakridge Bachupally’s grand stage, our young luminaries—Nursery, EYP, and G1—wove magic. Their voices, their steps, their very essence resonated through the auditorium. 

EYP2 breathed new life into a timeless wolf tale, their reimagined narrative echoing across generations. Meanwhile, G1 transported us to the majestic savannah, where the Lion King’s roar stirred hearts. 

The audience sat spellbound, emotions swirling—a symphony of awe, warmth, and wonder. These budding artists, with their boundless creativity, etched memories that will linger long after the curtains fall. And so, the Musical Extravaganza Season 2 unfolded—a canvas painted with dreams, a crescendo of young souls reaching for the stars. 

Blessing Ceremony : 

At Oakridge Bachupally, we uphold academic heritage. Our CBSE segment hosted a blessing ceremony for the 10th and 12th graders who will be appearing for their boards. From heartfelt citations to the glow of the blessing candle, every moment was a testament to the values we hold. Wishing all the best to CBSE 10th and 12th graders! 

Social outreach and engagement : 

Grade 6 students visited Rainbow Children’s Orphanage, donating groceries purchased with funds raised at the Jashn E Zaiqa event, showcasing care, support, and community spirit. This gesture highlighted the power of small contributions in making a meaningful difference and reinforced our dedication to aiding vulnerable children in their growth and well-being.  

A proud mention : 

Dr. Leslie Williams, leading our social impact and equality, diversity, inclusion, and belonging (EDIB) action teams across Nord Anglia, has mentioned numerous Nord Anglia schools, where students are actively advocating for inclusion and a sense of belonging for all. One remarkable example is the Aequitas group at Oakridge India, demonstrating the commitment of student-led initiatives in promoting equality, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. These student clubs, empowered by school leadership, are making a positive impact on the student body, and fostering stronger relationships with faculty. Kudos to the students for their inspiring efforts!  

On the global front : 

Our second group of Pen Pals from the Primary Segment have initiated the exchange of activities, nurturing connections that transcend geographical boundaries. Oakridge teachers were privileged to adjudicate a diverse array of competitions at the Global Campus. These competitions spanned across digital habitat, writing, art, film festival, and virtual young musicians. 

Discover our Summer Camps- Webinar: Wednesday 20 March 2024 | 9am and 4pm (GMT) 

On 20 March we will be hosting a webinar for all Nord Anglia school staff and families to learn more about our summer camps taking place at some of the world’s leading boarding schools and colleges in the United Kingdom this summer.  Check the newsletter here. 

Operational sphere :

  • Our parent referral benefits offer rewards to parents who refer others to educational programs or services, fostering a sense of community and providing incentives for promoting quality learning experiences. 
  • We are excited to unveil our upcoming excursion to Malaysia, tailored exclusively for students in Grades 3, 4, and 5. To ensure a seamless experience, we have outlined important details regarding registration and payment terms. Please review the information carefully and mark your calendars for the upcoming deadlines. A mail, exclusively bearing all the details, have been shared already. 
  • We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Bhutan tour, a journey of discovery and cultural immersion that promises to inspire, educate, and enrich the lives of our students. As we prepare for this exciting adventure, we are delighted to have shared the detailed itinerary that awaits our young explorers. 

International trips [Malaysia and Bhutan] and Summer Camp [29th April to 11th May] offer a unique blend of fun and learning, creating unforgettable experiences that broaden horizons and foster personal growth. These opportunities not only enrich one’s knowledge and skills but also cultivate lasting memories and friendships that transcend borders and cultures. Let’s make the most of such enriching and transformative opportunities that can make a significant difference in our learning. 

In conclusion, I am proud of the collective efforts and generosity exhibited by our students, staff, and community members in championing initiatives rooted in compassion and unity. As I eagerly anticipate the adventures and growth that lie ahead, I am excited to turn the page and continue writing the next chapter of our educational journey.