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What are the important skills a child should develop and at what age?

  • 23 May 2022

As parents, we strive to do everything possible to improve our children’s lives. One of the topics that become so important for our children is to develop right skills at the right age.

One of the most critical stages of development and learning, when kids develop skills quickly, is the first five years of life. During this time frame, child not only grows physically and emotionally but also learns to communicate, think, and socialise. So, it is important for them to develop the gross and fine motor skills at this age.

And it all starts with play. The most learning and developing of a child in their early age happens through play. While play is fun, it gives a child opportunity to explore, observe, experiment. In the world of Early Years Education, this is called a structured play and one of the best ways to lay foundation for all future learning.


A structured play is nothing but ‘play with a purpose’, which offers preschoolers a specific learning objective. Play with a purpose are generally instructor-led, where the teacher sets the tone for the play. For example, at Oakridge, one of the top international schools in India, our teachers have put a structure in a fun way to show Pincer Grip (the ability to hold something between the thumb and first finger), even during the Virtual schooling. They are asked to do the Pincer Grip for anything they do at home, be it holding the book or eating food. After getting the Pincer grip, the next step would be to put everything in a line to learn the sequence of things.

Likewise, a structured play help develop skills including social and emotional, Language/communication, Movement/physical development, Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving), reading, writing, calculating, listening, and speaking and more.

The next five years, the age till 10 is a critical age to learn essential life skills. During this time frame, children tend to have more complex feelings and control over emotions. Hence, it is vital that the kids are well-prepared for whatever the world throws at them. From writing a letter or email to being able to make up a story using imagination, maintaining a good hygiene, riding a bike, and even about the good touch and bad touch, they should learn these skills at this age. They also need to learn to be kind and compassionate.

ib curriculum

Top IB schools like Oakridge International School prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and others and have the capacity to participate in the world around them. For example, Oakridge focus on each individual child’s learning style and setting individualized goals to bring out the very best in each student.

  • Students are self-directed in their own learning.
  • They get flexibility to inquire into their learning.
  • The environment also plays a key role in supporting and extending a child’s development and learning.
  • Being a part of Nord Anglia Education family, Oakridgers get the opportunity to collaborate and learn online with 70000 students across the world.

By the time they turn 13, there are some significant life skills you will want them to pick up along the way. It takes no time for kids to grow up into teenagers (age between 13-19) and then adults and have a personality and life of their own. Therefore, it is important for them to learn essential life skills like Budgeting, Cooking, Personal development, Cleanliness, Personal Healthcare, Domestic skills, Leadership Skills, Navigational Skills, Problem-solving, Decision-making, etc.

  • Learning how to cook and cooking healthy food while maintaining hygiene has tremendous value.
  • How to write out a grocery list while sticking to the budget. From reading nutrition labels to finding good deals, the grocery store is full of valuable lessons.
  • During this age, children should be given a head start about budgeting, saving, and managing expenses.
  • Doing basic household chores will go far towards raising a responsible adult.
  • Managing stress is another important skill that needs to be developed. From homework and tests to maintaining friendships, they need to learn to handle stress and understand the importance of self-care.

Being one of the best IB Schools – Oakridge International School with its IB curriculum has it all. From fireless cooking and grocery shopping through field trips to household chores and managing stress through wellbeing sessions, the school ensures that we develop these important skills when they are the teenagers. As children reach the end of their primary school years, they may be interested in taking on leaderships roles. Opportunities like Junior and Senior MUNs, Oakridge Summer Courses, collaboration programs like UNICEF, MIT and Juilliard boosts help them develop problem-solving, critical-thinking and leadership skills.

Lastly, the late adolescence, ages eighteen to twenty-one, who mostly desire to go out and explore the world. Hence, they must instill life-skills like Organizational skills, Behavioural skills, Goal setting, Time management, Employability, etc. With learning these skills they become responsible and prepared to face the challenges ahead with ease and confidence.

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