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Can Yoga help you relax and unwind in preparation for exams?

  • 23 May 2022

Yoga has many health benefits from developing physical strength and flexibility to promoting calmness and improving mental wellbeing. If you are in the middle of your studies and you have trouble concentrating; your body and mind aren’t just in that place where you can keep studying; but you want to cover more syllabus in less time, remember all that you study, maintain high levels of energy and score your best in exams, here’s something important you must know.

1. Yoga for Stress and Anxiety: Yoga is a mind-body practice. Meditation, Relaxation, Physical poses, and Controlled breathing help stimulate all the energy channels in the body. As a result, it may help reduce stress and anxiety as well as lower blood pressure and heart rate.

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The physical and mental disciplines through yoga work like a medicine approach and help achieve peacefulness of body and mind. For example, Hatha Yoga is a good practice to help stress management and enhance mindfulness. It is done at a slower pace, with a focus on the breath, controlled movements, and stretching.

2. Yoga for better concentration: While studying for an exam, most students easily lose focus thinking about whether they will perform better or not, whether they will get good marks or not. In this process, their productivity will be reduced.

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Yogasanas, that involve relaxing eye muscles like Sukhasana / Padmasana will help improve concentration in no time and aid in reducing tiredness. The best thing about this is, that it can be done anywhere, even in the exam hall, right before the exam.

3. Yoga for memory boost: With so much hard work and concentration, we study too much in less time, but only to realise that we forgot everything, we practiced. After all, the brain is an organ and too much can stress your brain out. However, when you need your brain to do a little heavy workout, feed it with the right medicine.

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The experts say, yoga such as Vajrasana and Bhramari are a few suitable asanas for students, who might face memory issues. This helps not only improve concentration and willpower but also calms the nervous system and increases the memory capacity.

Likewise, there are many suitable yogasanas, ranging from simple breathe in and breathe out to traditional and contemporary yoga that can help perform better in exams.

Let’s understand how it actually works.

Yoga poses involve a series of body movements including stretching, which has been shown to increase serotonin levels — i.e., the hormone that helps stabilize our mood, reduce stress, and overall makes us feel good. Breathing, one of the most important parts of yoga, helps control your body and quiet your mind. Similarly, meditation teaches you to be mindful.

Being a part of Nord Anglia Family, the world’s leading premium schools, our students at Oakridge, one of the top International Schools in India, get the opportunity to learn yoga for exam time on the Global Campus platform. Under the Health and well-being category, the platform brings a brand-new series of yoga sessions specifically designed to support students when they may need it most. The sessions were conducted by Open Yoga teacher, Sara, online while focusing on helping children to relax and unwind in preparation for exam season. Last year, the previous sessions were hosted by Sara and Yoga teachers from our Oakridge schools.

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