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Three natural ways to help your child stop worrying

  • 15 February 2023

Whether it’s over the first day of school or the approaching exam day, it’s common for kids to experience anxiety and worry at times. Even transitions are challenging for many children.

Children’s inexperience with the world can make their anxiousness significantly worse. However, kids can keep their anxiety in check by using these 3 natural methods. Let’s have a look.

1. Breathing exercises

Take a deep breath in and now let it out. Surely you would have felt a difference, isn’t it?
Yoga is a self-healing process in human life. Yoga that involves breathing exercises can lower stress by improving oxygen exchange. It regulates blood pressure, slows the heartbeat, and releases any abdominal tension. Simple breathing exercises incorporated into the everyday routine will give significant improvement.

Yoga is a wonderful addition to anyone’s life. The younger your child, the better to start. Simple poses like the child’s pose or the bridge pose that need to hold the positions for as long as possible while taking deep breaths.

2. Art works as a medicine

Art is therapy. Children who create art as part of their routine can enhance their problem-solving skills. It stimulates the imagination and opens the heart and mind to possibilities. They become more observant.

Art is a great way to express emotions, especially for children who are unable to convey them through words. Children can be encouraged to stay present at the moment through the sensory experience of creating art. Provide your child with easy access to art supplies and encourage them to use them as much as they wish. In the end, the process of making is all that matters not the final product.

3. Help your child express

While some children are more expressive, others are shy. The latter are the ones who become worried when speaking to or facing a group of people. Fostering creativity and communication, especially in young children, requires a supportive and stimulating atmosphere. Give them a platform to speak out, allow unstructured play, and involve them in role-play that helps them express themselves.


Children will always be able to recognise when something is wrong inside of them, but sometimes it can be challenging to express it. Schools that have a thorough understanding of child development take proactive measures to assist kids in gaining the self-assurance they need to be themselves.

At Oakridge, we have a nurturing and engaging environment for students. Our students learn the practice of meditation from a very early age at the Global Campus, an online learning platform, unique to Nord Anglia students. The experts help build social skills and empathy in kids incredibly and promote academic success as they are more resilient and focused.

Expert analysis from Preeti Sahu – Shaping Brands and Inspiring Connections

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