How career workshops in schools help students develop their successful career plans

How career workshops in schools help students develop their successful career plans

Career workshops aid students in identifying appropriate higher education paths for their future. It exposes a lot of opportunities in a range of professional areas, which help these kids for their career preparation in their interested areas.

In line with this, a dynamic career workshop for students of grade 11 and 12 was hosted on 2nd November 2019 at Oakridge, also one of the best International Schools in Bachupally. The workshop witnessed five eminent speakers from major universities who gave essential insight on diverse topics related to a career selection in order to prepare the students to make an informed choice post-school. Shifting from the traditional methods of education, the guests introduced and explored the topic of interdisciplinary studies.

Mr. Devidutta, the School Director during his speech, urged the importance of discovering one’s own talent or interest and choosing the right career path based on that. Professor Mustafa from Indian Business School provided the principle motive of interviews that are a crucial part of the application process. He also shared ideas on enhancing presentation skills that greatly imbibed confidence in the students.

This apart, students learned how Music, Physics and Mathematics were connected, also all subjects are concatenation and “interwoven learning” is what forms the basis of a good education during a highly exhilarating session by Professor Anil Shrinivasan from Krea University. Students actively responded to his questions and enjoyed his flawless piano excerpts.

In another session, Mrs. Sadhana from Flame University elaborated on liberal arts, a growing concept that provides holistic education to a student.

Dr. Abhijit Dasgupta from SP Jain School of Global Management, who spoke about Artificial Intelligence and its pivotal role in the development of the world in the future. Students were inspired by his videos that showcased the pinnacle of AI and how his students were a part of its making.

Lastly, students learned about the foundation of a career in an uncertain world, narrated by Mr. Sanat Sogani from Atria University. With more than half of the current jobs disappearing in the near future, he conveyed to the students how Atria University prepares its students to take up careers that are not for the present but for the time to come – the future.

With indispensable learnings and mirthful performances, the entire workshop was a success in bringing about a change in the students’ minds and sparking a thought strong enough to revolutionize the world.


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