Soma Tapadar, EYP Coordinator

  • 12 November 2020

I am an educator with teaching experience of more than 15 years. My experience includes teaching assignments of a diverse age group. I had the opportunity to work with young adults in the graduate-level courses in colleges as an assistant teacher, then joined the early year’s Montessori education and later moved to elementary education. This array of experiences has taught me to accept change as the only constant and work along by reinventing myself to suit the continuously changing education system across the world.

My Oakridge journey has started eight years back while trying to find an IB school for my son. Having relocated from the USA, we were trying to find a school that could cater to our needs. The beautiful campus and warmth of all staff involved in the admission process made a perfect match for us. Being in the teaching profession and having experience with elementary education, it was not long before that I decided to interview with Oakridge for a teaching position. I joined Oakridge in 2014 as the HRT of grade 2, while my younger one put her tiny footsteps into EYP II. Currently, my children are in MYP and DP and have grown into strong independent individuals who do not shy away from speaking their minds. 

The best part of Oakridge is ‘Grow your own’, which led me to my current role as one of the coordinators in the primary segment. I have been the EYP coordinator and a facilitator for the past three years. This has given me the opportunity to collaborate closely with teachers and educationists within and outside Oakridge. 

I am thankful to Oakridge for giving me the opportunity to work with those young minds in PYP and EYP, and learn their creative ways of working, thinking, and solving problems. I was fortunate enough to experience the whole of PYP as an educator moving from grade 2 till grade 5. I believe every child has a strength that they can use to support others. In my classes, children collaborate and learn from each other. They learn to accept their challenges as opportunities to grow. My lessons and classes include fun elements and more hands-on experiences or explorations to ensure children make their connections and take actions based on that. The rich experiences of the classroom discussions, arguments on complex topics, building a project together, going on field trips, etc. has made me a more passionate facilitator and a lifelong learner. My teaching philosophy aligns with the statement made by Albert Einstein “I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”