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October 2023

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Principal's Desk


Dear Parents,

At Oakridge, learning never stops, and our students’ remarkable contributions at the Dubai STEAM Festival were a testament to this commitment. Furthermore, our youngest learners from Early Years took the Global Campus by storm, exhibiting their boundless enthusiasm. 

Our students have returned from their well-deserved Dussehra break, re-energized and ready to continue their learning journey. This break allowed them to recharge, fostering renewed enthusiasm.

In the spirit of unity, we recently convened an all-hands meet, where we came together as a team to share our goals and extend heartfelt appreciation to our exceptional staff. Your unwavering commitment to our school’s mission is truly commendable.

With the new term in full swing, we are thrilled to anticipate what the coming months will bring. November is teeming with a vibrant lineup of exciting events and valuable updates, all of which we are eager to share with you.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Oakridge family. Together, we will continue to explore, learn, uplift, and embrace the fresh opportunities that lie ahead. Here’s to a month filled with fulfillment and positive impact!

Ms. Baljeet Oberoi, Principal

Oakridge International School, Bachupally

A Triumph of Innovation

At the NAS Dubai STEAM Festival, our Bachupally students shone brightly, receiving awards for their outstanding collaborative efforts in combating climate-induced animal population decline. Their impressive achievements, which include Best Pre-task and Most Innovative awards, stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in education. It is with great pride that we announce their crowning as the Overall Winners at the #STEAM Festival, showcasing their exceptional collaboration with peers from across the region.




Events And



Shining a Light on the Mind & Mental Health!

OISB celebrated an extraordinary Psychology and Mental Health Day on Oct 10, 2023. The day kicked off with inspiring words from the Principal, Ms. Baljeet, CBSE Head, Ms. Shalini, and esteemed guest, Dr. Usha. Early Years students embarked on a ‘walk of emotions,’ affirming the importance of every feeling. Engaging experiments illuminated cognitive processes like learning and perception. The Amphitheatre came alive with a captivating Nukkad Natak, underscoring mental health’s significance in our school lives. This student-led event provided deep insights and reflections we’ll treasure.

Flights of Imagination

Our young Oakridgers are reaching impressive heights in their grasp of diverse concepts. We couldn’t be prouder of the zeal and confidence they exhibited while presenting their knowledge to both their parents and teachers. Their enthusiasm for learning is truly remarkable, and it’s a testament to their dedication and hard work.


Rock The Ramp

Creativity blossoms in our Grade 3 PYP learners as they confidently showcase their communication skills. Their knowledge of living things’ adaptations took center stage in a unique ‘Rock the Ramp’ fashion show. The enthusiasm and innovation on display were truly impressive, emphasizing the power of hands-on learning.

Inquiry Based Explorations

Grade 1 learners embark on captivating inquiry-based explorations at ‘Shilparamam’ Village Museum, delving into the enchanting world of homes through immersive outdoor learning experiences. It’s a journey of discovery and hands-on education!

Environmental Awareness In Action

Grade 2 PYP students are channeling their environmental awareness into meaningful action. They probed the causes and consequences of human impact on the environment and responded by innovatively managing dry waste. Their creative approach comes to life in the form of a gallery walk, where they proudly display their recycled and upcycled products. It’s a hands-on journey from awareness to action!

The Chronicle Quest

Aequitas marked a significant milestone with its inaugural event, ‘The Chronicle Quest,’ a creative writing competition that illuminates the essence of #EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) and its fundamental principles. Students from Grades 6-10 demonstrated their talents in both writing and art, contributing to the first initiative, ‘Shaming Discrimination by Celebrating Diversity.’ It’s a powerful testament to the commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable community.

Student's Corner



Equestrian Extraordinaire

Aahil, the equestrian sensation from 9B, has triumphed in his second regional equestrian competition at the Bangalore Regionals! With this remarkable achievement, he’s poised for the national stage, where he’ll represent us in the upcoming nationals in December. His dedication and skill shine bright.

Dancing Competition

Parin Panda of 5K claimed both first and third place at the Srujanostav Bharatanatyam Dance Competition 2023, organized in partnership with the Department of Language and Culture, Government of Telangana. Her exceptional talent and dedication shine through, showcasing her remarkable achievements in the world of dance.

Global Connectedness Challenge

Early Years students embraced the Global Connectedness Challenge with enthusiasm! During their Dussehra break, our young learners flocked to the Global Campus, wholeheartedly taking on the artistic challenge. These projects, emphasizing creativity and sustainability, offer valuable lessons on caring for our planet and appreciating nature’s beauty. Their dedication and hard work make us immensely proud!

Making A Difference!

Nutrify the Needful, a dedicated non-profit organization focused on addressing food insecurity and hunger, recently conducted a heartwarming food donation drive in the Miyapur slum, providing sustenance and hope to 500 individuals in need. In the face of adversity in the Miyapur community, Nutrify the Needful recognized the urgent need for assistance and, with unwavering commitment, mobilized to offer essential sustenance.

Social Purpose

Championing The Cause


SDG’s in action : Student-led Impact

The CAS and Marketing Team collaborated to promote student-led initiatives aligned with SDGs in a nearby gated community. They raised awareness about sustainability goals. A Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Drive educated on proper sanitation. SageAid organized an essential supply donation drive. A Mental Health Awareness initiative featured interactive games and discussions. Lastly, a Mandala station allowed artistic expression in a tranquil environment.

Ms. Neelima Penumarthy

Ms. Neelima of StoryHour UK joined us, sharing the art of storytelling with our Cambridge Primary students. She presented a captivating puppet show, teaching the significance of our choices and self-narratives

Guest Lecture

Storytelling : A Window to Imagination


Outdoor Learning

Educational Exploration


A Thrilling Adventure in Jim Corbett

Students from Grade 4-12 embarked on a captivating journey to Jim Corbett & Nainital. From heart-pounding safaris to intriguing museum visits, and encounters with adorable animals, this trip had it all. 

All Hands Meet

We had our all hands meet. The event began with the principal’s speech, discussing recent changes and future goals. Staff members were honored with awards and appreciation, and it concluded with interactive activities and Garba in celebration of Dussehra.

All Hands Meet

Stronger Together


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